Over 100+ artists featured in the 2022 Tucson Erotica Art Show March 5th – April 2nd at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson, AZ. 

Aaron Rayburn

Pronouns: He

Fine Art photography has been an outlet for my creativity for nearly two decades. Achieving the perfect aesthetic to my images is always top of mind.I work hard to distinguish my work from the many other talented photographers of the day. As I’m rereading all of that, perhaps I’m coming off like somewhat of a prima donna, even to myself… But really I just mean that I want my artwork to be able to hang in the Louvre or the Guggenheim one day. Nothing too lofty. Of course, I’ll be happy with some print sales in the (likely) event that I never get a call from those curators.

Adam Gilliland

Pronouns: he, him, his

Adam Gilliland has been making art for twenty years. He is a father, musician and a worshiper of nature.

Alicia Montaño

Pronouns: she/her

Alicia Montaño was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, she always invested in expressing herself through artwork. In 2015, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona. In her work, she explores themes of beauty, femininity, sexuality and self acceptance through mixed media mediums. She hopes to continue exploring these themes and discover new mediums that genuinely capture what they signify to her.

Allie Godsil

Pronouns: She/Her

Born during the monsoon season here in Tucson, Allie has a deep appreciation for local landscape and folklore. She styles her work off Brian Froud with a hint of Salvador Dali.

Allyson Plantz

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Allyson is a technically trained artist getting back at it after a decade-long hiatus. When she’s not working as a remote grant writer for a national literacy non-profit, she enjoys all things queer and creepy. In addition to graphite illustration, Allyson dabbles in SFX makeup. During the Halloween season, she works as a makeup artist for Slaughterhouse Tucson. The motivation for her art is to soothe or unsettle. Allyson holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and art from Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX).

Alexandra Dedovitch

Alyseandra Ruiz

Pronouns: She/ her

My name is Alyseandra Ruiz, and I am a 27 year old, self taught, artist painting for body positivity. In an effort to bring awareness to mental health education and suicide prevention I always donate 10% of my proceeds to organizations that provide that education. Thank you for your support and thank you for being here. Please enjoy!

Angel K Soto

Pronouns: they/them

angel k soto is jersey bred and currently based in tucson after a decade spent in arizona. their work centers around the phenomenological realities of non-men being sexual versus being sexualized, the banal horror of amerikan suburbia, and, ultimately, magic & the erotic, which they view as one and the same. their drawing/painting mediums have included pencil, lipstick, watercolour, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint, pen & ink, permanent marker, and tattoo. since 2007 they’ve illustrated two books, was a founding member of the Tucson studio/gallery known as Subspace, and co-managed the Dos Bellotas mutual aid project.

Anissa Aguila

Pronouns: They/She

Anissa is a collage artist roller derby girl residing in Tucson. They utilize vintage porn magazines, often Playboys, to create their collage work. They sell prints, original works, collage pins, and collage earrings through their instagram @anissalpaca and at street sales around Tucson.

Ann Drew

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

Ann Drew is an intergalactic Illustrator and Graphic Designer on a quest to bring Sapphic Science Fiction Comics to the masses. She has fought the perils of the Asteroid Belts, Saturn’s Rings, Snake Pits, and she is currently toiling away at finishing her MFA under the hot Sonoran Desert sun. Ann’s work combines 1950s pulp fiction novel covers, lesbian erotica, comic book history/aesthetics, and overall tomfoolery. Her primary goal in life (besides fighting gators on the weekend) is to create work that looks and feels like her comics were made during the American pulp boom in the & 50s to tell queer stories.

Ann Drew & Jesse Hinson

Pronouns: they/them

Ann Drew and Jesse Hinson are visual artists currently residing in Tucson, AZ. This is the first in a series for their ongoing project “Sluts 4 Jesus.”

Aubrey Interior

Pronouns: She/Her

I started painting spring of 2020 during quarantine. With only myself for company, I thought I would start with, well, myself. I’d never given my body much love and this felt like my first love letter to her. These paintings were so empowering and inspired me to keep creating.

Audrey Waner

Pronouns: she/her

I’m a mixed media artist with a focus on assemblage and fibers. I enjoy exploring femininity, sexuality, and religion in my work in a way that’s both whimsical and transgressive.


Pronouns: Any/All

Hi! I’m Boa, an artist that specializes in weird and over-the-top fantasy art. I have years of experience painting and designing digitally, as well as a deep rooted passion for creating balanced and unique pieces. Since the Pandemic I’ve tried to find that passion again and succeeded! I’ve been pursuing interesting and creative projects such as working on large art like murals, and erotic art for TEAS! This is my first Tucson Erotica entry ever, so I hope you enjoy the work I have to share. 😉

Brock Archer

Pronouns: he, him

Brock Archer has exhibited at art shows in New York, California, Arizona, and online. In 2021 his entries in competition for the internationally prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize earned him the Certificate of Artistic Merit from the sponsoring museum, the Pinacothèque. His new art book, Brock Archer’s MEN, has been endorsed by the prominent gay artist Michael Breyette, international fitness model Benjamin Godfre, the CEOs of Aussiebum and ADDICTED, and other prominent figures in the world of homoerotic art.

Buckle & Hide

I studied fine arts at a small, private university in south eastern Iowa, then called Maharishi University of Management (MUM), but now called Maharishi international University (MIU). My focus was primarily ceramics and sculpture. I also have a background as a pro-dom. So it was only a matter of time before I got into working with leather making bondage and fetish gear.

Buddy Viola

Caitlyn Swift

Caitlyn Swift is an Arizona based visual artist focusing primarily on oil painting and 2D media. Swift was awarded with Best of Drawing and Best of Painting by the Luis Bernal Gallery before entering the University of Arizona in 2018, going on to earn her bachelor’s in fine arts, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2020.
Caitlyn is a published artist, and has work featured in Sandscript Magazine (2019 Edition), Polaris Magazine (Spring 2020 Issue), as well as Persona Magazine (2021 Issue, Vol, 42 and 43), two of which she was awarded first place in the visual arts category. She will be attending her first artist in residence program at Chateau d’Orquevaux, France in the summer of 2022, and was awarded the Denis Diderot Grant in support of the upcoming residence.

Carly Heras

Pronouns: She/her

My name is Carly Heras. Most of my days are spent painting! I use acrylic and typically use just 4 colors for the entire painting. Brown, black, and white for the bodies, and a solid background color that I choose last depending on the mood of the painting.

Carolyn Anne Anderson

Pronouns: She/her

Carolyn Anne Anderson is a self-taught artist who’s body of work is influenced greatly by her experience of living with a disability . Paralyzed in motor vehicle accident at 17 (now 48 years old) she has used a wheelchair for all of her adult life . Her recent paintings reflect on feminine identities, bodies, and sexuality existing within the mythology of ability & disability . Using acrylic on canvas, Anderson creates ‘other’ spaces to inhabit desire for those often outside the dominant narrative . While her paintings do not focus solely on images of disability as subject matter, they work towards making the disabled experience more visible. Within this, Anderson has been a contributing voice to the disability culture movement for over 3 decades . A graduate of the University of Arizona (1997 & 2000), Anderson currently lives and works on Tucson’s east side.

Cassandra Lilith

Pronouns: She/Her

I’m Cassandra Lilith, a figurative expressionist artist from Phoenix, AZ (FKA Cassandra Schizandra). My recent focus has been erotic expression including themes of D/s dynamics, seduction, and sexual spiritualism. I aim to capture in my work what is felt and not just what is seen, how our feelings run in colors through the physical body. I also create blackout poetry with erotic themes you can read on my website


Pronouns: she / her / hers

Charley is a white trans girl living in Tucson to connect with her sibling and her “roots.” She’s 29 and a Virgo. Artistically, she’s interested in domesticity, which mostly manifests as hosting little parties and making lots of things that fall into the category of Decorative Arts. She believes the most potent and miraculous art is that which we make ourselves to give to friends or decorate our homes with – museums should be made into living rooms. Charley, in her Tucson newness, is looking for collaborations on furniture, garments, and dance parties.

cori r.

Pronouns: she/her

an earthbound creature born of filth & magic with no real artistic proficiency & a taste for blood

Damien Vrbanic

I started painting back in 2018 with acrylics and more recently some oil paintings. During this time I was dealing with multiple hardships of divorce and personal injury that kept me from being able to do my daily duties as a firefighter. My usual outlets of working out and running in the wash were not options during this time but I was able to find comfort and solace in the grainy textures of brushes against canvas. This helped ignite a artistic passion that continues to serve me greatly through the highs and lows in life. I now find great happiness and joy in the creative process and look forward to supporting local art the way others have supported me…


Pronouns: She/her/hers

When art draws me in with its subject matter, I get fixated by the rendering of texture and color. That experience inspires me to create.

David Foley

Painting in Tucson, in my yard, in a shed; paradise. Aside from the content of any particular Painting, my main focus is on the use of color and color theory and how it can be used to create spacial relationships in an image.

David Wang

Pronouns: he/him

David is a queer, neurodivergent multimedia artist living in Tucson. He believes that every person, relationship, and encounter is unique and dynamic, and recently he has been focusing on capturing that energy with his camera. Plants and people perpetually inspire him and he strives to create art that embodies those connections in his life. He is excited to share his emerging skills with a public audience.


My name is Katie Noel, or Desthsick. I am inspired by the macabre, nature, folklore, mythology, and everything in between.

Douglas Fur

Pronouns: He/Him

Douglas Fur is a Tucson based film photographer originally from the Pacific Northwest he graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2006. He has more than a decade of photography experience but began with a Seattle based music blog which ran for 10 years. His work often explores his own relationship to the male gaze. Douglas is a stay at home dad with two daughters and a very supportive wife.

Douglas L. Weber

Pronouns: He him

Douglas identifies as an Arizona artist who grew up in Prescott, has lived in Tucson and Jerome, now working out of his Bisbee store front studio located in the Pythian Castle. Unless painting portraits from life his original work is a combination of glamour and the absurd.

Ellen Pott

Pronouns: She, Her

They are fun to play with.

Okay to touch.

Emanuel Arnautovic

Pronouns: He/him

I use painting and drawing to explore mythological themes, symbolism, alchemy, systems of manifesting and establishing architectures of thoughts to bring out ones true self. My interests align with the work of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung’s system of Psychology about the collective unconscious. Divination through creation and self actualization. The goal of my work is to ignite and excite one’s inner fire by exploring the possibilities of mapping the psychological structures that allow us to be and stay inspired.

Emily Cartagine

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Emily is a Tucson based artist that enjoys oil painting, sign painting & lettering, resin crafts, and various other crafts. Emily has a background in Scenic Art and Props which she taps on to create art with a variety of mediums. She enjoys switching between multiple painting styles, from smooth blending to thick, impasto palette knife application. While her content is as varied as her styles, themes of food, sensuality, and physical pleasures recur throughout her work. Emily loves to explore our connection to our bodies and to nature through her artwork.

Emma Lundberg

Pronouns: she/they

My name is Emma Lundberg. I currently work in different galleris in the city of Göteborg. I am also an artist with no prior exhibition experiences. I am completly new in this area. I am very used to hanging and planing wxhibition for other artists since this is what I do for a living. But I have never been brave enough to do it myself. I have a long education in the art field.

Erica Alexandria Thompson

Pronouns: She/Her

Erica Alexandria Thompson is a self-taught, traditional artist residing in southeast Alabama, she has lived in Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Virginia. She attended Enterprise State Junior College where she received a certificate in Graphic Design. She later attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she had relevant coursework have majored in Illustration and a Drawing minor. Her works manifests sexuality and mythos with a touch of theatrical presentation through writing. Her greatest artistic accomplishments is having her artworks displayed in galleries in Seattle, WA, York, PA and LaPlata, MD and many more to come. Away from art, she enjoys sewing, cooking, reading, writing and and traveling.

Eryn E.

Pronouns: she/her

Eryn is a lifelong artist who began doing erotic photography in 2019. Her whimsical, ethereal work explores themes of transition, playfulness, objectification, perspective, and movement. Her first steps into this new medium have taught her some interesting things: it’s possible to create little worlds as we need them, color is magic, and whimsy repels fuckboys.


Sculptor, painter, craftsman, hedonist- Fitz; bound by nothing, tickles the notion that BDSM isn’t cute and sexy but often filthy and visceral. Faceless contorted souls pushing limits of pleasure and pain dominate the viewers emotions from top to bottom. Inspired by trauma, desire, and worship- these mixed medias on canvas reflect Fitz’s own tortured self and the submission to his own perverse and feral mindscape. Dancing the edge between heavy strokes and sensual details these cropped portraits leave us in suspense and begging him to stop.

Gina Schuh

Pronouns: She

Gina was raised on a farm in California always outside. In her youth she often painted and did anything that required any type of creativity. At 18 years old while in culinary school she had a diving accident that left her a quadriplegic and full-time wheelchair user. She went on to get her bachelors and Juris Doctor, and for years participated in disability advocacy with a focus on advocating for fellow individuals with spinal cord injuries. During the pandemic Gina swore off television and got back to painting. Last year Gina was dating somebody who was deployed, her deprivation of sex and love of food came together to form the “Eat Me” collection…two of her favorite things. Now two years later Gina has thrown her self back into her art, offering everything from erotic inspired images to landscapes. Gina loves color, is drawn to clean lines, and much of her work is inspired by something personal to her.

Guakala Querico

Pronouns: They/them

A multidisciplinary artist born and raised here in Tucson Arizona. Guakala Querico is Spanish for disgusting – delicious. An alter ego if a spirit who’s in a perpetual state of exploration and hedonistic creative adventures.

Henry Hermetet


Pronouns: she / her

My name is Ivonne Moran, I’m an Illustrator with a background in Animation. My work focuses on capturing the intimate moments we experience in everyday life. In any given day, we may experience a range of emotions, and I aim to capture and share that in a visual format. As I continue to grow as an artist, my goal is to create something anyone can relate to and remind them they are not alone.


Pronouns: They/She

Inktuce is a Tucson-based artist and creator of unique, colorful characters. They dabble in many different mediums including oil and acrylic painting, digital illustration, collage, and block printing. Inktuce may be your neighbor, or even your closest friend.

Jack of All Art

Pronouns: They/She

Jack of All Art, who goes by their Twitch username on all platforms, is a local artist raised in Arizona. Their physical art is inspired by their dichotomous journey as a non-binary as bisexual person, and is made with acrylic paint and markers.

James De La Onza

Pronouns: He/him

I am an Arizona artist that just moved to Tucson. I was born and raised in Phoenix. I am a queer Satanist, member of the leather community, and a southwestern goth. My daily life is consumed by my work as a hydrologist, but my personal life consists of artwork that combines my Chicano culture and my love for the macabre. I have studied the art of "depressionism" and include these elements in most of my art, even landscapes.

Jaq Kainz

Pronouns: they/them

My work explores the renewal and reinforcing of relationships to self, the erotic, and healing as a survivor of sexual violence, transphobia, and CPTSD. It celebrates the beauty of trans bodies and their right to take up space and to feel pleasure. It finds the beauty in things often pushed into shadow, speaks out loud the things that have been kept quiet. My art reflects my journey through healing and of reclaiming sensuality and pleasure and invites the viewer to see themselves in the parts of that journey that they are sharing.


Pronouns: They/Them

A Trans Masc Non Binary Femme. Lover of all things Marine and Natural in this world. Using Art as a way to help in recovery from an ED and gender dsyphoria. My body is not as it should be due to lack of funds/resources so coming into a place of comfort within this vessel has been a most transgressive and painful, at times, experience. Finding a way to cherish and be kind to a body like mine through art, nature and patience has been life changing.

Jesse Hinson

Jesse Hinson is a Tucson, AZ based printmaker and craftsperson. She is interested in exploring comfort and sexuality through the use of humor. When not in the studio, you can find her vacuuming dog hair and eating chicken wings.

Jessie Lovejoy

Pronouns: She/Her

Jessie Lovejoy is a conceptual artist & creative director in Seattle. Her work satirizes familiar pop culture, fashion, and erotic tropes and also personifies strong emotions, turning them into a character she directs, styles, then portrays herself. She’s also a pole dancer, whose performances exhibit the same passion and energy as her visual art.

Joshua Woodhall

Joshua Woodhall is a self-taught artist working in many mediums at the sculpture resource center. He is currently showing in three locations in town. Check him out on Instagram.

Josie Quinn

Pronouns: text

Josie Quinn is a multifaceted artist from Boise, Idaho graduating from UArizona May 22’ with a BA in studio art and minors in entrepreneurship and retail fashion. Her photography challenges personal body image while confronting stereotypes of race, gender, sexuality and authority. Josie explores self-portraits as well as her friends as models.


Pronouns: She/Her

 CC (@JustCC on Fetlife) is a Scottsdale-based mixed media artist. She works primarily in 2D, specializing in watercolor, acrylic, and encaustics. She has been part of the fetish community for 7 years and is an active member of Arizona Power Exchange. She is a frequent presenter of FemDom practices and wax play.


The artist is a lover of the macabre, and the exploration of dark, lurid sexuality in their artwork. They enjoy depicting the relationship between sex and horror, and intertwining the two to create lush, vibrant work that excites and repulses.

Kari Marigold

Pronouns: She/her

Kari marigold is a textile artist, tattooist, and painter in Tucson, AZ. She often uses repurposed materials in her work, while striving to show a different perspective of the human experience.

Kat Knotty

Kat is naughty June Clever of sorts. She enjoys navigating her way through the BDSM world and depicting experiences through her art.

Kayla Ballesteros

Pronouns: She/Her

Kayla Ballesteros is an illustrator, designer, and comic book artist from Tucson, Arizona. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Visual Communications. Kayla’s deep passion for art began at a young age, thanks to the comics and art books that she stole from her father’s bookshelves. Her father encouraged her aspirations for art ever since then, even teaching her how to design and apply tattoos at the age of sixteen. Her art is characterized by rich details and beautiful line work. Her favorite themes come from dark fantasy, folklore, surrealism and introspection.

Kelly Rashka

Pronouns: She/Her

Kelly is a local photographer. She lives her life between light and shadow and often appreciates opposites equally. She worships with nature, has never met an agave she didn't like and has been seen dragging fallen tree limbs into her lair. Her images document contrast, change and her experience with life and death. Her work was shown twice at the ywca Galleria prior to the pandemic. This is her first TEAS.

Kerri Monica

Kerri Monica is an American fine art painter with a passion for the sublime beauty of the male and female form in both the nude and erotic genres of artistic expression. Her work as an erotic artist emphasizes the exquisite lines and forms of the human body in both the single-figure portrait, as well as the human body engaged in deeply intimate sexual expression. Her exploration of different media in pursuit of a meaningful erotic statement ranges from pen and ink, watercolor, and colored pencil to graphite and digital art. What is, perhaps, most interesting is her use of a minimalist technique to provoke the sensual reaction her works inspire, often emphasizing only line and sensual posture; by minimizing, and in some cases eliminating the conventional use of color, the physical postures themselves create the center of interest in each seductive portrait. As a result, her erotic portrayals raise the visual experience beyond just a curiosity for erotic subject matter and sheer physical stimuli. Her understated approach allows a wide margin for participation of the viewer’s imagination in each compelling portrait.

Kyle Keady Hansen

Pronouns: She/Her

I love to make art that makes people smile! My work tends to be big and is often interactive. I enjoy using found materials and work in many different mediums. I have shown my work at various venues in Tucson and Phoenix including, GLOW! at the Triangle L Ranch, Sculpture Resource Center, Alwin House and Roche Ventana Gallery/SAACA.

Laura Verdin

Pronouns: She/Her

Laura draws cartoons and flowers and bugs and stuff.

Lil Bang

Pronouns: She/they 

Hi my names Nikki (Lil Bang). With my art pieces I like to show how I see the world, how colorful and bright it can be. I also like to include all types of bodies when it comes to my nude paintings. I believe every body is a form of art no matter the shape, size or marks. Painting nude art also helped me with my own personal insecurities. Being able to paint my own nudes helped me see how truly beautiful I am. The first painting I submitted is my own nude, and the first oil painting I had ever done. It’s a piece with a lot of sentiment and self love behind it. The second piece submitted kinda represents holding yourself back. The way the two canvases fit together make it to where she is holding her own head. She’s the one in control, even though it may seem someone else is the one gripping on to her at first.

Louise Lohmann Christensen

Louise Lohmann Christensen is a Danish multi-artist also known as Kendra Lou in the music business. She has part-taken in several music collaborations and releases as well as released solo albums. Her recent album “Songs of the Black Moon” is an ode to the ancient feminine power that contains both dark & light. Louise is also a trained actor from William Esper Studio in NYC and has worked with Scandinavian American Theater Company (NY), Strada Company (AZ) and Aarhus Theatre in Denmark plus many other projects. She has been a part of Monsoon Art Collective in Tucson with two interactive art installations and has also performed there. Recently she has joined Tucson’s Sculpture Resource Center where she has also exhibited work, mainly sculptures made of found objects as well as nature’s goodies. She is inspired by depth psychology and mysticism – and all art that she creates, be it songs, dance, installations, or sculptures are rooted in the land of symbolism. She is currently working on a collection of “transformed bodies” – Humans meet mythology.


Pronouns: She/Her

Love is a multidisciplinary artist without much discipline at all. Her artwork is a result of being patently type 4 Enneagram, The Romantic/Individualist, as well as her Virgoan insistence on specificity and tedium. She is concerned with maximizing and celebrating Glimmers – the opposite of Triggers – to bring a sense of long-lost childhood joy to any medium. While her work is not explicitly political, she hopes that it can inspire a brea(d)th of lightness to people of all walks of life. To paraphrase something she read long ago, somewhere on the internet, written by a random screen name, ‘…you’ll soon remember that everything in front of you is diamonds, your food is delicious diamonds…’ Treat yourself <3″


Madame A. is a French artist who studied fashion and design in Paris with a focus on the aesthetic of the human body. After a few years working in the field, she felt a profound attraction towards erotism and its impact on society and art. Since then, Madame A. has been exploring sensuality and kink as inspiration for her paintings and sculptures.

Marcy Ellis

Pronouns: She/Her

Through delicate lines of ink and watercolor, Marcy Ellis draws inspiration from flora, the natural world, and the femme. Her work explores the connection of landscape, spirit, space and undermines established clichés of femininity. A childhood split between rural agriculture and a suburban planned community set in the open desert, Marcy was immersed in the beauty and simplicity of nature at a young age. Through close observation and a determined spirit, Marcy taught herself how to draw. Hours and days spent sitting in a wheelbarrow inside the musky greenhouses on the plant nursery her parents owned and operated in their backyard. Marcy lives, draws and paints in the Sonoran Desert. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from the University of Arizona. Her work has been published, sold in galleries and boutiques across the globe. You can find and purchase her work by visiting her website and check out more of her process on Instagram @marcyellis.

Maridad Studio

Pronouns: she/her

Although I find myself to be an artist of many mediums and subjects, for the past 4 years I’ve been exploring watercolor and the connections I have with food. Sometimes divulging into erotic subjects as I unpack what it means to want and need to be desired. Indulging in the connections between the feelings and embodiment of the foods, beverages, and objects we associate with is what truly inspires my artwork. From decadent desserts to savory street foods, I find myself hungry to learn more about what brings us together, building meaningful connections with others in the community, and learning to be vulnerable along the process.

Masae Ueno

Los Angeles-based artist, Masae Ueno, paints/draws with acrylic, pastel and charcoal on paper and canvas

Max Travers

Pronouns: he/him

Max Travers is a full-time artist and designer. He’s excited to be in Tucson, having relocated here in 2021 after stints in New York City, New Orleans, and his hometown of St. Louis. Illustration is Max’s primary medium of art and he frequently makes comics, original characters, and animated GIFs. Taking inspiration from comics, cartoons and street art, his style embraces bold lines, poppy colors, and a subject matter that often includes a splash of whimsicality and surrealism. “Hot Cheesy Fantasy represents Max’s latest work, a miniseries combining some rather obvious indulgences. The theme will continue with more sexy snacks on the horizon!

Mia Clay

Pronouns: she/her

Mia Clay is a picture-taker, pigment-pusher, and aspiring opportunist. She is trying to get better at sharing. She needs your help.

Morgan Treiber

My current artistic vision and its manifestation consist largely of the memorialization of the desert animals of southern Arizona. The adapted remains and artifacts recall the particularly arduous and exquisite lives of those organisms. Just as evolution has permitted life here to arise and persist through great change and specialization, I envision continued adaptation after death, the spirits yet shaped by the always austere desert.


I’m Muñoz; I was born and raised just outside of Tucson. I spent most of my 20’s traveling and living all over the world and the USA. I have worked in so many media I think I lost count. I have worked in everything from 3d, 2d, video, interactive, and performance. I create with whatever I have at hand; oils, plastics, steel, digital it is all the same to me. Currently, I work is mainly on Photography and Digital Art, primarily out of convenience; oil does take so much time to set up and clean. Art has seen me through depression, loss, happiness, and just those gray day that don’t seem to mean anything. I have been a mechanic traveling the outbacks of Australia, a projectionist working nights and going to school, apprentice wiremen and welder, engineer, and it was always to support my art. I have lost relationships over (my hobby as they called it), I had been poisoned to not believe in myself (“well you will never be a pro”), I have not always been as fateful to my work as it has been to me.

Nadia Vanilla

Pronouns: She/they

Nadia Vanilla is an award-winning Phoenix-based erotic artist. She paints people of all walks of life, doing all sorts of fun things with their bodies. She aims to celebrate the human experience, in all its messy, colorful beauty. Her artwork and short stories have appeared in several publications and erotic art shows around the world – most notably, Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Erotic Art London, and of course back home at the Exotic show from the Alwun House Foundation. She’s a regular on the Bawdy Storytelling Livestream, and has spoken on the Bawdy Storytelling Podcast. She’s always curious about what makes her characters tick, what they’re thinking about the situations they are faced with. Her work aims to break down the barriers between taboo and “appropriate,” between public and private. Masks, mirrors, and screens often feature heavily. She uses a variety of media to achieve this – lately, that includes digital painting and drawing, soft pastels, acrylic paints, watercolors, and ink.

Nadja Jones

Pronouns: She/they

I am a born and raised Tucsonan with a deep love of erotic and nude art, in all it’s forms. I am now studying to become an MD at the University of Arizona. My fascination with the body, its possibilities and its limits has led me down this path. I began painting in high school after getting into trouble for being arrested. I have continued to paint for my soul and peace of mind.

neil peters fotografie

a moment well lived, lasts forever – whether it is photographed or not. shooting fashion and art for 50 years in tucson.

Nicholas Graham Hall

Pronouns: He / Him

When I start a new piece of art, it is often with a blank slate. If I do have an idea, there is no telling where it will eventually go. I trust the creative process. Sometimes along the process of creating, an idea or image emerges and informs the remainder of the piece but I don’t look for it or expect it. I find delight when someone sees one of my pieces and expresses how it makes them feel or what they see, which as I have discovered, is rarely what I see. I create my artwork using only found or donated materials. This is consistent with my minimalist values and belief that my creativity expands when I incorporate the challenge of eliminating the ability to have what I want and instead be open to what is shared with or found. For me, art is the ideal medium to express what I feel, in whatever format I choose. The freedom to express my feelings. That is creativity. That is art.


Licensed in Graphic Arts, I’m a graphic artist based in Timisoara, originally from Bucharest, Romania. What characterize my style/approach is the freehand creation, no matter if it’s drawing, illustration or clay modeling, meaning, I create from memory and imagination without use of references. It doesn’t mean I know everything but rarely I’m appealing to anything than my own source of reference. This way I have complete freedom to create anywhere, anytime, whenever I feel like. Never thought I’d be inspired enough to do erotic art. It occurred by chance, as many things are, when I met someone who ended up inspiring me and I dare to say, me inspiring him since he’s also an artist. The mythological approach was both our idea, also started from one of my first erotic sketches and in time, 2 different set of characters emerged. Up to this moment I exhibited in Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2021, accepted to participate next year in London at Erotic Art Exhibition also appeared in Best of Erotic Art – First Edition by EAL(Erotic Art London) As long as inspiration/muse won’t desert me, I will continue creating.

Pato Aguilar

My work is a multitude of voices and styles. From my series of self-portraits to gangster cherubs that are full of character and originality; I use bold colors and intriguing symbolism to express a spiritual journey of emotions, self-reflection, and the human condition. In Aztec religion, the water goddess Chalchiuhtlicue was the wife of the rain god Tlaloc, an ancient deity that had long been worshipped throughout Mesoamerica. Chalchiuhtlicue symbolized the purity and preciousness of spring, river, and lake water that was used to irrigate the fields. This is my 1st watercolor painting in a decade is always fun to explore new mediums and learn new skills. Stickers and fine art prints of Chalchiuhtlicue featured in the Tucson Erotica Art Show are available for purchase on

Patrick Clark

Lifelong photographer based in Tucson. Arizona and Missoula, Montana

Patrick Hynes

Pronouns: He/Him

Patrick Hynes received his BFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Arizona School of Art in 1971 after studying with Bruce McGrew, among others. From 1971 to 1972 he studied with Black Mountain College artist and teacher Hazel Larsen Archer at Avalon College. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he continues to explore drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage and creates architectural art using a variety of materials. His intention is to show the exuberance of natural life and the mystery of mythological subjects.

Paul Whitby

Pomegranate Muse

Pronouns: She/Her

Pomegranate Muse creates out of her home studio in the Heritage District of Gilbert, AZ and works primarily in watercolor, ink, and acrylic. She draws much of her subject matter from the sciences, travel, and her distinctive interpretations of the human condition. As a neurodivergent artist, she delivers a perspective that is often imperceptible to neurotypical viewers.

Rabbit Eye Photography

Pronouns: She/Her

Josie Bunnie of Rabbit Eye Photography is a professional photographer, videographer, model, and artist with over 20 years of experience in the creative arts industry. She strives to showcase body positivity in a beautiful and natural way, in an all inclusive creative portfolio both as a photographer and model. She is most known for her nude work, and strives to push the boundaries between nudity and sexuality in an artistic and comical way. Outside of being an artist, Josie is a nudist, promoting body acceptance and self love. As Bunnie Butt Productions, Josie produced and directed comical nude videos for the Nudie Cuties, Burlesque Reels, the Mirror Series, and The Moon Rabbit Show. Her most popular photography work is the Garden Series which features censored nudity with the use of plants and flowers, and the Leg Series which has a strong focus on legs and unique props or locations. On the side Josie designs and crafts kitschy resin and polymer clay jewelry pieces, which inspired the &quot;Pussy Portraits&quot; instant film resin series. Her love for erotic art and smut was incorporated into these multi media art pieces, using the same materials in the photo in the resin castings.

Ren Buchness

Pronouns: They/Them

Ren Buchness (they/them) is a contemporary artist & fat activist based in Tucson, Arizona. By combining painting & performance, they aim to question Western standards of beauty and create conversations that alter preconceived notions about the fat body. In 2013, they received their BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University, and in 2018 earned their Master of Fine Art with a focus in painting & video from the University of Arizona. Ren’s work has been shown in multiple galleries across the country. They have taught figure drawing and watercolor painting classes & workshops at the university, as well as privately at local establishments. Most days, you can find Ren in the studio, creating works of art that celebrate and explore the fat experience.

Rick Bracht

Tucson photographer for events, family and single portraiture, professional head shots, and artistic imagery, both on location or in the studio.


Pronouns: She / Her

These pieces are an exploration of the self – Of the animalistic, unshaven, unbathed nature within me that I have tamed and put away, which now paws at the gate of its cage. By creating these pieces I embrace her and beckon her forward.

Sadie bat Kalman

Pronouns: she/they

Sadie Ya’ara bat Kalman is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and researcher based in Tucson, AZ. She uses a variety of visual and literary methods to explore precarious things like bodily fragility, disability, homoeroticism, queer histories, narrative violence, and religion.

Sarah Elijah Maaske

Pronouns: She/They

Sarah is a queer artist and photographer who enjoys exploring their sense of self while pushing back against societal norms in their work. These photographs are representative of the pain, pleasure, and honest nature of sexual and self-exploration in a pandemic. Collectively titled “Shades of Red” the viewers eyes can be instantly drawn to a specific aspect of the work through the use of color. The viewer is invited to reflect on their personal feelings about each image and to start to blur the lines between them. Finding the softness in pain, the sharpness of pleasure, and the intrigue of honest experiences of the self.

Sarah Peer

Pronouns: She/Her

Queer artist working out of Tucson Arizona. Clients include but not limited to Demi Lovato, Cassandra Grey, and Argyle Designs of Los Angeles.

Shannon Moran

Pronouns: She

I’ve been in Tucson almost 30 years from upstate NY. I enjoy using acrylic paint on canvas and other objects. I’ve contributed to the erotic art show for the last few years and feel like it is a great show to be a part of.

Shaun Cochran

Pronouns: he/him/his

Shaun Cochran is an artist, illustrator and designer living in Tucson, Arizona.  After graduating from college in 2009 Shaun illustrated the “Z Club” series of educational books for the Sanford Harmony program.  He moved to Tucson in 2010 and has been doing freelance art and illustration since then.  Recently Shaun has worked with Paperclip Publishing as a lead illustrator, drawing book covers and fully-illustrated books.  He has also begun working with local indie comic makers Demiurgent Creative on a sci-fi comic called “Song of the Void”, as well as with Creatively Queer Press on the horror comic “Mr. Nosuch”.  Shaun is passionate about animation and graphic arts, and about art as a storytelling device.  He draws a lot of inspiration from manga and western comics and cartoons, and is obsessed with creating detailed artwork.  Shaun Cochran is an artist, illustrator and designer living in Tucson, Arizona. After graduating from college in 2009 Shaun illustrated the “Z Club” series of educational books for the Sanford Harmony program. He moved to Tucson in 2010 and has been doing freelance art and illustration since then. Recently Shaun has worked with Paperclip Publishing as a lead illustrator, drawing book covers and fully-illustrated books. He has also begun working with local indie comic makers Demiurgent Creative on a sci-fi comic called “Song of the Void”, as well as with Creatively Queer Press on the horror comic “Mr. Nosuch”. Shaun is passionate about animation and graphic arts, and about art as a storytelling device. He draws a lot of inspiration from manga and western comics and cartoons, and is obsessed with creating detailed artwork. 


Pronouns: She/Her

Born in Portland Or but I’ve lived in Tucson for over 6 years now! Painting has been a way to express and heal for as long as I can remember. I hope to continue sharing my passion with the world.

SilverWild Designs

Pronouns: She/Her

Evy (creator of SilverWild Designs) was born and raised in coastal Alaska, & has held deep roots in Tucson since 2008. She learned the art of silversmithing in San Miguel de Allende, MX., and continues to study the art part-time on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Evy launched SilverWild Designs in 2022 as a way to more fully honor, integrate, share, & let breathe some of her deepest passions including: embracing the beauty of the naked body, sensuality, body positivity, colors, textures, & erotica. Evy creates original multi-medium works of art focusing on series and small batch collections. She considers her sensual sterling silver jewelry & juicy gems to be more subtly erotic, or as she calls it “xo rated”. Her jewelry series “The V Series” includes the collection “La V en Rose” featuring rose quartz. On days she’s not at the smithing bench one can also find the artist singing locally, spinning up abstract nudes in pen & ink with watercolor, or getting messy with oils in le studio.


Pronouns: she/her

Skummy Gorl is a Latinx artist who loves creating shiny, kinky, and edgy art. She is not only inspired by the world of fetish and kink, but also her experience with sex work.

Sommer Eli

Pronouns: she/her

I am an erotic expressionist painter who uses bold color and bold brushstrokes to convey strong passion. I primarily use self-portrait reference photos as the base for my work and am inspired by my own emotions and experiences.

Sonoran Witch Boy

Pronouns: He/Him/They

My name is Trevor Mock and I am a queer artist from Tucson, Arizona and call the Sonoran Desert my home. My artistic focus is on botanical images and queer expression through homoerotic prints and jewelry.

Sophia Laing

Sophia Laing is a local Tucson artist currently studying Fine Arts at the U of A. Her work focuses on surreal and spiritual portraiture and the feminine form.

Stephani Twidwell

Pronouns: she/her

Stephani is an artist, writer, and chronic idealist. Originally from Oregon, she is a bit of a wanderer and currently lives amidst the contrast of rugged beauty and bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. Stephani has studied art at Cornish College of the Arts and Central Saint Martins.

Stone Crow Photo

Pronouns: She/her

Michelle is a photographer and a weirdo who is not entirely sure she actually exists. She is a giant nerd and digs music, books, smut and pizza. There is very little she takes seriously, especially herself. She currently resides in Tucson where she entertains stray cats, makes strange &amp; sexy art, and photographs live music. She definitely wants to get strange and make photos with you.

Tania Verdugo

Pronouns: She/They

Tucson-based freelance artist, TANIA VERDUGO, is a self-taught watercolor and graphite illustrator. Her illustrations are inspired in finding the familiar in everyday interactions, a fluid pattern of gentle intimacy between the illustration and the viewer.


Pronouns: He/Him

Taylor’s motivation to create work comes from the reflective mindset that accompanies his technique. The monotonous act of placing line after line in a constant, flowing motion allows the meditative state that fuels Taylor’s practice. His drawings represent the cycles, movement, and rhythm of his everyday life. Using intuitive repetition, pattern, and symmetry in linemaking, Taylor creates a visual depiction of personal routine and habit that is his human experience. Taylor’s natural rate of thought is mirrored by the repeated marks he makes, and fosters an inherently contemplative space for him to consider his modes of living as exemplified through his work. Taylor regularly builds up intimate structures of his personality that affect his involvement in the world, and he is interested in exploring how to deviate from those structures by deviating within his process. He intentionally invites limitations into his work and forces the linemaking to adapt to such interruptions. Taylor may restrict space within a piece via geometry, or deny his lines from reaching the edges of the paper. He hopes that by experimenting with rules within his practice, he may also be able to learn how to apply conditions to his life that benefit his human experience.

Toxic Clay

Trina Noel Davis

Trina Noel Davis, at times an avatar representation of a real-life artist who enjoys creative projects in the virtual world, where the language is binary, simply 0’s & 1’s. Having spent time in and out of virtual worlds, these past years of relative isolation led me back in. Through this period, I have realized the incredible potential for art making within user generated avatar based virtual worlds. The virtual nature of design and creation is something that doesn’t have the boundaries of traditional art, which gives me more ways to explore and experiment which offers a limitless experience. I photograph as well as create short films as part of a genre of filmmaking called Machinima. I believe that it will not be long until virtual worlds are widely accepted and that the ways in which people engage with art will be influenced by an immersive user generated metaverse.


Pronouns: Him

Arizona local born and raised artist.. let’s get funky

Tumbleweed Witch

Pronouns: she/her, they/them

I was raised in an evangelical cult, and I use my art and my witchcraft to help heal me from the false beliefs I was given in that environment. My erotic artwork helps me to explore and deconstruct from purity culture, so that I can dismantle the shame I feel around sexuality. I work in many different mediums, such as paint, fiber, and sculpture. I’m passionate about living out my own healing journey in a visible way, so that others can learn from my experiences and hopefully be helped in their own healing.


Pronouns: She/Her

The world was beautiful, but the circumstances were shrouded in deception, death, and anger. Born of Native Hawaiian and Chicano descent on the island of Kaua’i, taken in LA, and undead in the deserts of Arizona, VaiBionic has lived more than a lifetime. Her initial hopes of grandeur and creative energy took her to the west coast with hopes of branding herself as a music critic, and ultimately creating a recording label. “The only comfort I got was in the beauty I found in the ugliness of the world.” shares Vai as she transcends barriers and fights to secure her piece of the pie. What was supposed to a be a transition of years on January 1st, 2017, quickly turned to a transaction of life. Vai was violently beaten and thrown out a five story window, while carrying what would have been her second child: “It’s been five years, I’m here to show you what we go through when we survive, how we survive, what we’ve seen, heard, felt, and the losses we’ve endured.” There is no longer a choice, there is only a fight according to VaiBionic. She welcomes you into her view from the undead.

Walter H.

Pronouns: He/him

Walter only recently stumbled into erotic photography. In this series he explores the interplay between movement and stasis, between science and dream, between light and flesh.


Pronouns: they/them

YaYa’s work attempts to visually explain the tension between the devastation and beauty of being human.

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