2023 Tucson Erotica Art Show Featured Artist Bios

Emily Ahlgren

Pronouns: she/they

Studying light and shade as it interacts with the contours of the body, infusing intimacy into lines on paper and moments together.


Pronouns: She/Her

Tucson born, multimedia artist with a focus on Watercolor and Acrylic.

Carolyn Anne Anderson

Pronouns: she/her

Carolyn Anne Anderson is a self-taught artist who’s body of work is influenced greatly by her experience of living with a disability . Paralyzed in motor vehicle accident in 1991 at age 17 she has used a wheelchair for all of her adult life . Her recent paintings reflect on feminine identities, sexuality, and the taboo mythologies that live alongside ability and disability. Using acrylic on canvas, Anderson explores bodies and desire, especially for those outside the dominant narrative. While her paintings do not focus on creating images of disability as subject matter, they add to the broader goal of making the disabled experience more visible. Through her art, activism, public speaking, mentorship, academic and non-fiction writing, Anderson has been a contributing voice to the disability culture movement for over 3 decades. By adding her unique experiences into disciplines where disabled women’s perspectives and creativity are not often sought or celebrated she hopes to bring awareness regarding accessibility, representation, and inclusion, to a larger audience. A graduate of the University of Arizona (1997 & 2000), Anderson currently lives and works in Tucson, Arizona .

Louise Androlia

Pronouns: she/her

Louise Androlia is a British fine artist + Illustrator currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Louise uses her art as a journal to explore her neurodivergence and process the human experience via introspective self portraits, painted photographs and narrated sketches. Her work is a continuing self study on the desire to feel the body and earth as home.


In their free time, the artist enjoys photocopying various appendages. They strongly encourage others to do the same for a silly little time.

Christina Ansefelt

Pronouns: She/ her

Christina is a freelance photographer who specializes in 35mm splashes of color and double exposures. She has photographed local events, concerts, and models and isn’t shy when it comes to experimentation.

Lino Arruda

Pronouns: he/him

Lino Arruda is a Brazilian transmasculine artist, graphic novelist and illustrator. He is the author of the graphic novel “Monstrans: Experimenting with Horrormones”, winner of MixBrazil’s Award for Best LGBTQ Book of 2021. He is currently working on the first volume of “Cisphoria: the worst of both worlds”, a dystopian trans-futuristic graphic novel forthcoming March 2023 and currently available on Patreon.


Pronouns: she/her/hers

B (she/her) is a Chicago-based erotic storyteller and performer. She’s been in the Kink/BDSM community for almost 3 years, which has given her the space to heal, build community, and discover her authentic self. Throughout her journey, B has been published in SEAF’s 2022 Literary Anthology, co-founded & co-hosts Erotic Storytelling at a local Chicago dungeon, and recently co-founded KinkySexyKool with Lee Honey, a collaborative creative project that focuses on the celebration and acknowledgment of POC kinksters through the arts. You can find her on Fetlife as Lotus-Flytrap.


Even though I am known for my Western Art, I decided to do Erotic Art as an alternative and to keep me enthused doing something different. I have shown my Erotic Art at shows all across the country and enjoy the challenge of painting beautiful images of a different nature than what I usually paint.

Emma Bernadette

Emma is a queer, Jewish feminist, engaged in examining moments of queer utopia through artistic creation, community, and the erotic. The moments of joy found in these liminal moments of utopia are amplified when they are shared in spaces like Tucson Erotica.

Alexei Biryukoff

Pronouns: He

Alexei was born in the USSR in 1976 and has lived in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, USA. Graduated from the Barnaul State Teacher Training University in 2000, MA in Linguistics and Literature. Painting and music has always been a huge passion since childhood, mostly Alexei taught himself in both areas. He started painting professionally in 1997 and had his first solo show in 1999. In the last two decades Alexei became an internationally acclaimed artist with many works showed and sold in many countries and a few in various collections.

Rick Bracht

Pronouns: He

Rick is a local internationally published photographer. His work includes family portraits, weddings, events, and artistic.

Ren Buchness

Pronouns: They/them

Ren Buchness (they/them) is a contemporary artist & fat activist based in Tucson, Arizona. By combining painting & performance, they aim to question Western standards of beauty and create conversations that alter preconceived notions about the fat body. In 2013, they received their BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University, and in 2018 earned their Master of Fine Art with a focus in painting & video from the University of Arizona. Ren’s work has been shown in multiple galleries across the country. Their work has also been featured in several publications both nationally and internationally. They have taught figure drawing and watercolor painting classes & workshops at the university, as well as privately at local establishments. Most days, you can find Ren in the studio, creating works of art that celebrate and explore the fat experience.

Nyc Cameron

Pronouns: They/Them

Nyc is a queer BIPOC artist living in Tucson Arizona. Every piece of art they make is the direct result of an orgasm.

Eva Jane Cardenas

Pronouns: She/her

A Tucson native, EJ dabbles in a myriad of art forms. From fabrics to yarn, paint to paper, she delves into whatever the mood calls for. In her latest venture, EJ explores film and accompanying performance arts with the burgeoning art collective Double Vision.

Adam Casey

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Adam does drawings. Some aren’t half bad! While branching out into digital illustration over the past few years, the allure of pencil, ink, and paper is too hard to resist. Best known for his work during MerMay and Inktober, his work often features diverse bodies. He lives in North Carolina and his favorite dinosaur is the brontosaurus.

Safari Celeste

Pronouns: She/her/they

Safari is primarily inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s mission of expressionism and worship to God. She explores concepts of existential crisis and mental illness through personal identity and color theory.

Chthonic Photography

Jake Yarton is a Pacific Northwest photographer. Fusing a combination of natural light, locations and the post grunge Seattle aesthetic, he creates unique erotic images and boudoir photos . His work has been featured in multiple magazines and he was the recipient of a peoples choice award in 2018 at the Seattle erotic art festival.

Mia Clay

Pronouns: she/her

Mia Clay is a genderqueer artist and photographer living in Tucson and Minneapolis. She is good at keeping secrets cause she probably will forget. She is grateful to get to spend time working with images.

Patrick Clark

Based in Missoula, Montana and Tucson, Arizona I shoot both commercially and for commissions. Nature and figure are what intrigues my eye. Represented by Getty Images. Help the planet and people through images!

Darron E. Copeland

Pronouns: he/him

In March of 2016, Darron quit his job as an accountant at a prestigious investment firm in New York City to start his own graphic design business in Stamford, CT. Shortly after obtaining a Graphic Design Certificate from Hunter College in May 2015, Graphique Couture, LLC was born. Whether Darron is working with textiles, silkscreen, paint, photography or digital imagery, he leverages his graphic and computer illustration skills to create modern, clean and simple art. Early influencers in his career include photographer Annie Leibovitz. Her keen sense of composition and color grading coupled with the way Leibovitz captures light and mood has definitely had an impact on Darron’s work. However, it’s the masters like Michelangelo Caravaggio and Diego Velázquez that first captured Darron’s imagination with the incredible realism their paintings conveyed. Darron is a self taught textile artist who loves to infuse humor into his work. Combining textiles like linen, cotton, leather, paint and found objects with appliqué and embroidery techniques allows Darron to bring 3D elements to his art. In 2021 Darron was awarded Best in Show for his embroidered piece called “Lights Out” that explored the theme of Chiaroscuro.

Juliana Cullen

Pronouns: She/her

Juliana has lived in five different states and two different countries by age 18. She has been drawing live nude figures of all body types since age 16. Juliana has facilitated, coordinated, or started several different figure drawing sessions and most recently, with the help of the community, has started a weekly session in Tucson in 2021 that continues today.

Amber Davis

Amber is an artist/engineer in Tucson Arizona whose current favorite medium is watercolor. Often getting inspiration from her cats, nature, and dreams, her work ranges from realistic to abstract.

Trina Noel Davis

Artist, Trina Noel Davis, at times an avatar representation of a real-life artist who enjoys creative projects in the virtual world. I photograph as well as create short films as part of a genre of filmmaking called Machinima. This year at TEAS all of my photography is taken in virtual world.

Art Denny

Pronouns: He/They

Art Denny was born in Southern California, and moved to Arizona in the Early 2000’s. Art’s work is focused on the intersectionality of queerness and body acceptance. They are currently working on a series called Desert Petals, focused on body acceptance, nudity and nature. Art’s first exhibition occurred at Waterline, a show highlighting the demarcation of water, hosted at the Steinfield Gallery in 2022. Art is currently working on several other photography projects

Dio of Dollheart Paint

With interests in psychology, horror, and history; my work is open for interpretation. My paintings are often macabre in theme with vibrant color, and mixed mediums.

Bontes Divines

Canadian illustrator, creating imaginary excerpts of erotic comics. These excerpts suggest that there is a before and an after, letting people imagine what it is. EVERYTHING IS SEX, SEX IS EVERYWHERE From the simple conversation between a boss and his employee to the look of a person crossing the street, fashion magazines, clubbing outfits or the multitude of dating apps, sexuality is a constant ingredient of our lives.

Dirty Archangel

Dirty Archangel is a Hedonist, Philocalist, self-published poet, and published photographer with an Angel Heart, Dirty Mind, and a Kinky Soul. His heart beats for art, his eyes look for beauty everywhere. He has been taking pictures around NYC, of NYC for nearly a decade with an entirely self-taught photography style. He is specialized in erotic and BDSM photography. For him, the female body; in every form, shape, size, and color, is the most poetic entity in our world. His photography reflects his vision and his approach to the female body in the most poetic way under the BDSM umbrella in the pursuit of that mind-boggling, thought-provoking scenes. The ongoing Shibari NYC project is his brainchild where he combines the amazing beauty of the Shibari art form with breathtaking NYC scenery. Published in multiple online and print magazines, received astounding reactions throughout Shibari/BDSM community.

Drew the Artist

I decided to paint this subject because it challenged my imagination of social norms.  I hope the viewer will take away from my work how it pushes the boundaries of the imagination.  My process for making art was taking reality on a fantasy journey.  The medium I mainly used here is acrylic paint.  I am based in Tucson AZ and have been a local artist for many years.  This is my first showing at TEAS. 

Olivier Dubois-Cherrier

​« The truth is never in what it is said but in what it is perceived. To this end, when I decide to make art, I avoid saying things by using words for not wanting to violate the freedom to wander, ramble and constantly reconsider. » ​Olivier Dubois-Cherrier is an experienced French visual artist based in the US, who has exhibited his work internationally. Olivier expresses himself through Land art, painting, sculpture, , video, photography and poetry. His Caribbean family background deeply influenced his path to art as well as the content he portrays in it, and he has lived a nomadic life for many years now. Typically painting with thick impastos and using additional materials such as sand, soil, grass and found objects, he composes works that contemplate natural environments and pose philosophical questions. His themes include time, ego and death.

Dusty Witches

Pronouns: they/them

The Dusty Witches are a queer-owned artist coalition from Tucson. Apart, the Witches wander through the desert, but together they achieve great feats of art, activism, fabrication, graphic design, and anything else you can think of.

Sommer Eli

Pronouns: she/her

I am an erotic expressionist painter who uses bold color and bold brushstrokes to convey strong passion. I primarily use self-portrait reference photos as the base for my work and am inspired by my own emotions and experiences.

Paul Elliott

Pronouns: he/him

Tucson raised, out of Arizona taught. Deep observation and instropective narratives. Collage. Writing with words and images.


Evak (Todd Laurer Jr) – Raised in the art-rich town of Gallup New Mexico, Evak has spent 20 plus years creating art in many forms. At a young age his interest was peaked by the passing of late 1990s and early 2000’s freight trains covered in graffiti. His love as a viewer eventually drove him to try his own hand at the art form and so began a lifelong love for visual arts. Evak’s collections are rich with the vibrant colors of the southwest and hold heavy style cues from the world of Graffiti art. With strengths in various script styles and a natural eye for depth, his transition into the world of digital art came with new ideas and a larger platform he is eager to share. Now residing in the city of Tucson, Arizona.

Everly of Silverwild Designs

Pronouns: She/her

Everly, creator of Silverwild Designs, is an up and coming erotic artist. Everly is (among other things) a silversmith, jewelry designer, painter, and curator of “juicy gems”. Everly actualized Silverwild Designs as a way to integrate, honor, share, and let breathe some of her deepest passions. Everly learned to silversmith at the age of 19 in San Miguel de Allende, MX at the Instituto Allende; during that time she simultaneously studied painting in an apprenticeship under post-impressionist painter Rita Torlen. Everly was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, and now lives between Tucson, AZ and Port Townsend, WA. Her “xo” rated work has been showcased at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, & the Tucson Erotica Art Show, 2022.

Johnny Flamethrower

Johnny Flamethrower is a photo artist currently residing in the American Midwest. He has worked professionally as a photographer, motion picture film colorist, commercial editor, motion designer, and CGI artist for broadcast, print and online advertising. His photography has been featured in numerous publications and exhibits, including The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Skin Two, ARTundressed, the Dirty Show, Portland Kinkfest, the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Erotic Art Exhibition London, the International Festival of Erotic Arts, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and The Best Of Erotic Art Edition 2.

Heather Free

Pronouns: she / her

lover of light, noise, manicured shrubs, and solitude. curious dancer-photographer.

David Foley

Still just out painting in the shed 🙂

Douglas Fur

Pronouns: He/Him

Douglas Fur is a Tucson based film photographer film photographer Seattle. Most often his work is an exploration into his relationship with the male gaze.

Morgain Ghost

Pronouns: She/her

Morgain’s interest in art started at a young age but was pushed to the back burner while she pursued professional ballet. After an early retirement and while attending university for Studio Art and Art History, she found mentorship with Tucson oil painter and sculptor Mykl Wells. She would like to thank him as well as personally thank watercolor artist and illustrator Michael Chiago and Leland Lopez for their material support of her burgeoning art career.  Morgain finds inspiration and is influenced by the works of Joel Peter Witkin, Egon Schiele, Cindy Sherman and local artist Michael Cajero- focusing on elongated posed figures with over exaggerated features and poses becoming almost caricature like. Morgain has had a life long love for Pierrot since she grew up in and around the theater. Similar to creating a ballet “narrative” which is highly gestural and exaggerated the clown and character makeup evokes a sense of mystery and drama by hiding it’s face but choosing to expose the body.

Adam Gilliland

Pronouns: He/him/his

Adam Gilliland has been making art for 30 years. He is a father,musician and worshipper of nature.

Jenny Gomez

Pronouns: they/them

Artist occasionally. Trans Non-Binary, pleasure loving person.

Ellie Grace

Pronouns: she/her

Queer she/her born and raised in the Wild Wild West. As I grew my expression grew with me. My personal work centers around expressing my constant struggle between my queerness, religion, and sever body dysmorphia. As a queer female I struggled to find a place in my field of study; architecture. However, my passion for designing community oriented public space and expressing myself through art and sculpture cumulated to form a career in large scale public art at a local art and fabrication firm.

Carly Heras

Pronouns: She/Her

I’m a 32 year old Artist from Peoria Az. I’ve been painting for 20 years. I love showing emotion in my paintings through body language, so I thought it would be fun to do a mini series of headless humans! I hope you enjoy. Xoxo

Hannah Hernandez

Pronouns: she/her

Hannah Hernandez navigates the realms of drawing, painting, digital imagery, video editing, and photography. Spitting on the ground and playing a “draw what you see” game is one of her favorite pastimes.

Hooligan Lili


Hooligan Lili is an illustrator/designer residing in her beloved Pacific Northwest. Lili finds her voice in erotic art, using it as a vehicle to deliver her thoughts, feelings, and stance on many topics in today’s news and in her own experiences, but always adding a bit of humor and/or snark for emphasis.

Jenn Hopkins

Pronouns: She/they

It’s how the oil paint slides along the canvas, buttery feelings through my brush as I push color around. It’s almost sensual. Color and motion are what I focus on primarily, as can be seen in the majority of my artwork. I work in thin layers, gradually building upon light and shadow in slow, subtle ways that culminate in an eye-catching way. I’m mostly self-taught and learned my technique the hard way through trial and error, and I’ve only recently settled into my current style as shown here.

I’m a self-proclaimed desert rat, having lived in Arizona my entire life except for one short stint in Houston, Texas. Don’t go to Texas. I’m not a professional artist, and I work a day job to pay for an expensive hobby. But that hobby turns out to be art therapy for me. In my painting, you’ll find themes of loneliness and monsters in the shadows, the feeling of being observed. I tend to hide my eyes in my work, sometimes less subtly than others.

This is my 4th time showing with TEAS; they know how to keep me cumming back…

Marlana Hughes

Pronouns: She/her

Marlana Hughes is a Tucson based artist who is currently working in body and life castings. She is passionate about representing all bodies in art and media. She loves sculpture and is wants to venture into experimenting with new forms of art.

Patrick Hynes

Pronouns: He/him

Patrick Hynes received his BFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Arizona School of Art in 1971 after studying with Bruce McGrew, among others. From 1971 to 1972 he studied with Black Mountain College artist and teacher Hazel Larsen Archer at Avalon College. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he continues to explore drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage and creates architectural art using a variety of materials. His intention is to show the exuberance of natural life and the mystery of mythological subjects.


Pronouns: they/them

My work explores the renewal and reinforcing of relationships to self, the erotic, and healing as a survivor of sexual violence, transphobia, and childhood trauma. It celebrates the beauty of trans bodies and their right to take up space and to feel pleasure. It finds the beauty in things often pushed into shadow, speaks out loud the things that have been kept quiet. My art reflects my journey through healing and of reclaiming sensuality and pleasure and invites the viewer to see themselves in those parts of that same journey that they find themselves in.


Inktuce is a Tucson-based artist who is heavily influenced by street art, and draws inspiration from daily interactions. They dabble in many mediums including traditional and digital painting, custom toys and sculptures, and block printing.

Mr. J

Just getting better at drawing and wanted to do something new.. hope everyone enjoys the artwork


Judas is a 19 year old local genderqueer lesbian artist, passionate about all things sexuality. In his art, he explores ideas of attractiveness, queer connection, kink, and stereotype. “Art helped me overcome fear ideas like the predatory lesbian stereotype instilled in me from a young age, and allowed me to explore my identities joyfully”.

Just Joe

Pronouns: he/him

A full time nomad, Joe travels with his spouse and their dog chasing the sun. He is a long time naturist that draws inspiration from the beauty of nature.


Pronouns: She/Her

CC is a mixed media artist based in Scottsdale, AZ. She works primarily in 2D, specializing in watercolor, acrylic, and pencil. She is an active member of the kink lifestyle, and is a frequent presenter of FemDom and wax play.

Laura Kassmann

Pronouns: She/her

The artist Laura Kassmann is a Tucson native and received an MFA in Graphic Design and Fine Art from the University of Arizona in 2019. The artist uses mixed media including acrylic paint, watercolor, photography, digital art, and resin to create her artworks. Laura uses color theory to inform her pieces and gains inspiration from dreams intertwined with the waking world. If you would like to reach the artist, please e-mail

KD from Nightmare Gang

Pronouns: He/him

A multidisciplinary artist currently living in New Zealand.

Haji Khalil

Local tattoo artist, and designer

Jaclyn (Jax) Kisseé

Pronouns: She/Her

Lifelong artist and lover of all mediums is an acrylic painter, part-time sculpter, jewelry maker, graphic designer and now hand model. Surreal creations, in mixed media or on canvas, are her main window through which she expresses her social, feminist and emotional ideas (sometimes there’s music too!). She has previously owned her own online polymer clay jewelry shop Banana.Slice.Shop, created visuals and videos for Golden BooTs, has participated in many local events, supports other local artists, and is looking forward to creating prints of her canvas art to share with others. <3

Howard Kline

“I have a very rich background in all schools of art”, says Kline, who points out that seemingly casual expressionistic works are built on a classical design structure. He describes his collective works as the best of abstraction and the figure. During the four years of art school I learned classical figure drawing and how to incorporate my experiences and draw on them as ideas for painting. I continued to create my own style after graduation in 1977 and then I found the history behind it. This painting style has strong emotional content that captures the essence of the moment by painting with intense spontaneity using vibrant colors, shapes and forms. “All of my art is full of color and emotion. My paintings are my personal mythology”. After thirty years painting in New England, I wanted to be in a less conservative enviroment and reach a wider audience with my art. With a detailed search of the art colonies of the United States I decided to move my gallery to California in 2000 and then to Tucson in 2017. Most of my work is available in high quality giclee reproductions on watercolor medium or as oil on canvas.

Ivar Kljavin

Pronouns: He/Him

Ivar Johann Kljavin has been generating photographic based images for over 20 years, first starting with electron and light microscopic images turned into artwork and then film and digital platforms on a variety of topics including collage making. Published work, other than scientific journals and the cover of Neuroscience, includes a work on San Francisco places to go with images as a review of the Bay Area for August Man Magazine, Singapore. Other works have been shown in galleries in Glasgow, Prague and the UK in both photograph and collage work integrated with mixed medium. Over the past few years I have further worked on surrealistic art with an emphasis on erotic topics using complex collage with pastel, acrylic and oils, gold foil and alternative forms of digital capture to produce an unusual ground for further painting developments. The focus for the Tucson submission is on erotic surrealism with a focus on religion as a form of bondage and other topics for thought related to the BDSM community.

Betty Knockers

Pronouns: She/Her

Betty Knockers is a persona created to help a shy girl break out and live her truth. Growing up on anime, video games, and horror movies – I was always drawn to bodacious figures. Unfortunately, the female characters lacked depth and seemed more ornamental. I fantasized about them having different shapes, styles, and characteristics. Drawing erotic artwork celebrates the body and yourself. I make an effort as an artist to showcase bodies with fat, muscle, and unique complexions. I adore freckles and a little softness. Sex isn’t shameful, and I take a male-dominated art style and create something inclusive for everyone!

Kat Knotty

Kat is a creative soul from Arizona. She found her creative roots while learning to accept her true self. She enjoys using different mediums to create meaningful pieces. From epoxy, to acrylic and canvas to metal stamping she has found her passion for Erotic Art.

Cassandra Lilith

Pronouns: She/Her

Cassandra Lilith is a figurative expressionist artist living in Phoenix, AZ. With a focus on capturing the intangible in tangible form, she blends ethereal figures with natural and man-made elements to evoke emotion in the viewer. Her work aims to marry spirituality and sensuality.

Danielle Love

Just having a sexy fun time

Jessie Lovejoy

Pronouns: She/Her

Jessie Lovejoy is a concept-driven visual artist and creative director in Seattle, Washington. Passionate about storytelling and character creation, many of Lovejoy’s concepts come from intense emotions she experiences and turns into characters that she builds worlds around. Lovejoy also draws inspiration from art, fashion, and pop culture worlds to explore societal topics such as color, identity and sensuality. With tongue-in-cheek visual delivery she examines societal views and notions; cleverly twisting them to make the audience examine their own views on the subjects she explores.

Mal Martel

Pronouns: he, him

Erotic art, for me, is a source of joy and an expression that allows my mind to wander into strange fantasies that would fail to come to fruition in other media such as writing (my skill with words fail me). It is a liberating experience, often laced with darkness and violence, which I thoroughly believe are necessary evils I commit to save the art from becoming ordinary pornography. Pornography is mass consumerist entertainment. Erotic art is emotion, struggle, pain, fear, and extremes of ecstasy- the complexities of human nature expressed sets it apart from the mediocrity of mass entertainment.


Pronouns: She/they

my concept has a mutable and developing dynamic. i strive to explore the flux of the transfixable and the entropy of everything with surfaces built gradually through the interplay of intention and chance. the use of random found objects as a medium creates a dialectic between my personal concepts of idealized form and the creative process of how i can utilize and integrate the objects obtained.

Allison Miller

Allison Miller is a painter from Tucson, Arizona. Her artistic intent is to create work that celebrates diversity and serves as restitution for underrepresented communities. By reframing context, she aims to honor the many ways of being Black in America. Her work explores themes of identity, permission, resistance, and attempts to transform racial trauma into Black Joy.

Atlas Miner

Pronouns: They/he

Tucson-based shibari artist, Atlas (they/he), has been exploring the intricacies and techniques used in rope since 2019. They primarily use natural fiber rope, specifically jute, and they enjoy sadistic, decorative, and functional ties. They have been an active member in the local kink community through volunteering and teaching rope classes at Desert Dominion.

Mod Saucer

Pronouns: He/him/el

Tucsonian artist exploring the sensual side of my inner workings.

Kerri Monica

Kerri Monica is an American artist from Michigan with a passion for the sublime beauty of the male and female form in both the nude and erotic genres of artistic expression. Her work as an erotic artist emphasizes the exquisite lines and forms of the human body in both the single-figure portrait, as well as the human body engaged in deeply intimate sexual expression.    Her exploration of different media in pursuit of a meaningful erotic statement ranges from pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic, colored pencil and graphite as well as digital drawings. Her erotic portrayals raise the visual experience beyond just a curiosity for erotic subject matter and sheer physical stimuli. Her understated approach allows a wide margin for participation of the viewer’s imagination in each compelling portrait. Overall, her works present an entire catalogue of seductive postures and poses that are done with sensitivity and power creating a truly exciting artistic experience. Kerri Monica’s art is not only in demand locally and internationally, she has also exhibited works in Orange County California, Detroit Michigan and will be published in “Best of Erotic Art London” 2nd edition due out in December 2022.

Shannon Moran

Pronouns: She

I have been living in Tucson for almost 30 years. I enjoy painting and plaster and a variety of other art forms. I enjoy the freedom the erotic art show allows me to express, and it’s the one event I look forward to most.


My work develops itself. Show the emotions and thoughts that the thing deep inside us. I never start with an end in mind, I add the paint where it is needed to be completed.


Licensed in Graphic Arts, I’m a graphic artist based in Timisoara, originally from Bucharest, Romania. I draw before I could speak, sort of say, always fascinated by anatomy – artistic or not, both animal and human. What characterizes my style/way of working is that I work from memory and imagination (no visual references), regardless of technique or materials. Never thought I’d be inspired enough to do erotic art. It occurred by chance, as many things are, when I met someone who ended up inspiring me and I him though he doesn’t have as much spare time for art as he’d like to. The mythological theme was both of our idea, started from one of my first erotic illustrations I did for us and in time, 2 different set of characters emerged. The realistic ones and mythological. So far only I actively exhibited, hoping he’ll join next year, depends on how we coordinate our… activities; managed to include one of his this year in EroticArtLondonExhibit, as invitee/partner. My work can be found in “Best of Erotic Art First Edition” by EAL and will be on Second Edition too; also present on Seattle Shows (2021,2022), Detroit 2022, Tucson 2022, London (2021,2022)

April O’Neil

Pronouns: She/Her

Retired Army veteran turned erotic artist

Jeanne O'Shell

Pronouns: She/Her

Jeanne O’Shell received her certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She has been in solo and group exhibitions at Cerulean Arts, Philadelphia PA; Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA; Paragon Framing and Art, Phoenixville, PA; Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA; Spiral Bookcase, Manayunk, PA; College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She won first place in Painting at the Jenkintown Arts Fest 2019 and will be published in Artistonish Magazine, August 2022.


Pronouns: He, Him

Paul is a self taught photographer with 20+ years experience. He is based in Atlanta, GA. He has been published in several men’s magazines and included in numerous juried Art Exhibitions. His desire is for you to view his pieces and let your imagination fill in the blanks. The shadowed spaces are to give the individual artist in each and every person the space to create.

Sydney Perrault

Pronouns: She / Her

I am Sydney Perrault, based out of Tucson, AZ. I have been experimenting in various art forms since childhood. Creating art has been a comforting outlet in not only expressing, but accepting myself.

Neil Peters

fashion and art in Arizona over 50 years


Pronouns: She, her, hers

I love the essence of the erotic in life, in nature, and in art. As an artist, I take inspiration from moments such as a gentle breeze cooling my sweaty thighs or the hungry look in a lovers gaze or in the beauty and simplicity of flower petals. For me, life is pulsating with the desire to express itself. My camera has been my go-to for capturing moments reflective of my erotic impulses. Letting my imagination run wild and free by playing with angles, lighting, themes, or objects allows me to feel unconstrained and spirited. In that spirit, I find pleasure. Erotic art is a way to share this joy. Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled.

Photos By E

Pronouns: He/Him

Emmanuel, or Manny as folks on the West Coast call him, is a self-taught, local Tucson photographer originally a Crimson Tide kid from Alabama. He started his photography journey doing portraits, headshots, and anything to get a better idea on what style of photography best resonated with him. He ultimately found his focus on Boudoir and B&W travel photography. Boudoir has allowed him to meet wonderful people, hear amazing stories, and ultimately help him to see uniqueness of people from all walks of life. Since Manny is Poly, an LGBTQ+ ally, and an advocate of a healthy, safe, consensual kink lifestyle, it was only natural his boudoir photography aims to promote, encourage, and support these aspects of life. When he is not doing photography, he is either working, playing videogames, watching anime (subbed not dubbed), or being a couch potato with his two pups and wife, Olivia. If you are interested in seeing what style of prints Manny has for sale from his travels, please visit his website. If you are interested in hiring him for a boudoir shoot for yourself or your couple/throuple/etc., custom OF shoots, and/or kink/lifestyle shoots, please reach out to him via Instagram.

Andrew Prince

I am a sculpture artist living in Huntsville Alabama. An artist my entire life I have worked in many mediums including pencil, pen, paint, photography, and sculpture. I use the technical expertise I have gained from working in the aerospace industry for more than 30 years in my Lifecasting. My work is predominately erotic with several themes including Greek, burlesque, and commentaries on sexuality.

Poppers the Pony

Pronouns: She/Her

Dorian Katz is an artist working in drawing, zines, comics and installations. Born on Long Island New York, Dorian has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980s with over 20 years of organizing art shows and events mostly within Queer communities including as Center for Sex & Culture’s gallery director from 2011-2019. Life in the bay as experienced as well as her historical knowledge of it deeply effect her perspective and art. Dorian received a B.A. in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara in 1991 and an MFA in Art Practice from Stanford in 2011. Her art has been exhibited nationally and published widely. She enjoys presenting inclusive views of sexuality with humor and beauty in ways that make it accessible and desirable to any audience.

Art Ramon

Pronouns: He/Him/His

In 1998, Art Ramon abandoned the Houston art scene to the rat race underground. Almost two decades later, he reappeared in the Tucson art scene. Still haunted by his 16-year hiatus, Art Ramon survives as an artist seeking fortune. If you have a decor problem and no one else can help, and if you can find one, maybe you can acquire, an Art Ramon Painting.

Aaron Rayburn

Pronouns: he/him

What artist doesn’t loathe writing an artist statement? Because, simply put, I create photographic art that I like to look at. I like simple compositions, clean lines, but with details that you can pour over endlessly. I like photographs that are visually striking, but I also like photographs that tell a story, and they don’t have to do both. I like photographs that have a sense of polish and a calculated, deliberate approach. Thus, that’s the kind of art I create. When I first began shooting I didn’t considered that I would develop an individual style that would come to encapsulate work. This is the case with every artist, naturally, but the point at which you recognize this about your own work seems to be the point where you truly begin to develop and cultivate a feeling of congruency in everything that you do. The risk, of course, is not being able to recognize if you have bad taste. And then you wind up with an entire portfolio of bullshit that nobody really likes but you. I hope that’s not the case, but if it is, at least I have two decades of bullshit that I like to look at.

Kait Reza

Pronouns: She/Her

Tucson Native. Do art – beat the heat.

Brennan Rigg

Joseph Brennan Rigg was born in Colorado in 1995. After high school he studied traditional painting techniques in Italy, Spain, France and the UK where he visited the great museums. He is currently living in Nevada where he works in a gallery as a picture framer, and makes art at his home studio. Brennan’s work is an invitation to explore the trying psychological aspects of our humanity, and the world at large. He draws from an attempt to distill subconscious themes, and ground them in our primal, tangible reality. Utilizing archetypal symbols, ancient iconography, and surreal shorthand, this is an artist that is rooted in the tradition of beautiful forms which he then unleashes, so that the classic becomes newly seen, a slipstream into cosmic vision, and a return to innocence.

Risque Alter Ego

Risqué Alter Ego is a charcoal pencil enthusiast who enjoys creating erotic art. She loves subjects that are taboo in our society and uses her creativity as an outlet for her feelings, beliefs, and experiences. Every single one of her pieces has a secret back story. Risqué Alter Ego also takes delight in drawing works of art related to cannabis to help fight the stigma surrounding it.

Alan Ruiz

Pronouns: He/His

I am a Mexican and American illustrator and artist with the goal of integrating science, popular culture, and art to inspire culture, community, creativity, conservation, respect, reciprocity, kinship, curiosity, and connection with the natural world. I count with over ten years of international experience using my art and creative writing to support grassroots social and environmental organizations in over five countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Through many rich and immersive experiences, which include working closely with fisherfolk, Indigenous communities, and within Academia, I have learned that the integration of art and science can be used to effectively communicate complex ideas to a wide audience, and that creative processes can help foster personal growth, a sense of place and community, and restore cultural pride founded on stewardship. I currently reside in Tucson, Arizona, with my puppy Bone, where I love learning about the Sacred Sonoran ecosystem that spans across the US-Mexico Border and includes the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) and the isolated, northern mountains of Sierra Madre, known as the Madrean Sky Islands.

Alyseandra Ruiz

Pronouns: she/her

My name is Alyseandra Ruiz and I’m a 28 year old self taught Tucson Local artist. I find my inspiration in the many shapes and sizes of a woman’s body. I hope to share body positivity through my artwork and bring awareness to all the ladies out there that their unique body is beautiful! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy.


I create feminine, empowering and sensual illustrations with multiple media types including: digital, acrylic and pen. I have been creating art since I was 8 year old as a form of emotional expression. I love sharing my art to empower others.

Audrey Scheere

Pronouns: She/her

Audrey Scheere is a creative storyteller, RPCV, and marketing professional in Tucson, AZ.

Marq Sepulveda

Pronouns: They/them

Marq has the complicated yet simple desire to help and inspire those who need it. As they went through hard times and art helped them come through the other side, they hope to help others do the same. They create their work as a means to show what can be done and what emotions can be expressed when effort and patience is put into yourself and your passion.

Starting with the classic paper and pencil, Marq begins with an idea or emotion, letting their hands and pencil guide the lines until the larger picture can be seen. From there, the sketch is digitally rendered and remastered until it represents what they felt when they first started. Marq’s classic style is bold and detailed linework, tattoo art, abstract, bordering on surreal.

Samantha Sharman

Pronouns: She

Sam Sharman is a NeoDigital artist, musician, mystic, poet, and entrepreneur creating from a perspective of conscious embodiment. Sam is the COO, NFT Project Manager, and one of the co-founders of Goddessey, a conscious DAO* at the nexus of art + tech + education + events. With a background in music, visual art, academia, education, events, and tantra, Sam is passionate about empowering people to live to their fullest creative potential. *DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization; a business run on blockchain technology.

Silc Arts

Pronouns: He him

Silc Arts strives to bring you sculpturally exquisite adult toys that challenge industry conventions through innovation and art. They are committed to making the highest quality toys from the finest materials. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and given the attention to detail that it deserves. Matt Heft is one in a lineage of professional artists. With years of experience as a tattoo artist specializing in Neo-Traditional design, He now brings that obsession of perfect line, contrast, composition, and shape to the adult toy industry. “I aim to make toys that please sight and touch, to make toys that are at home on your bedside or your mantle.”

Kayla Showers

Pronouns: She/her

Kayla is a 36 year old queer woman of transgender experience. She is moved by the transcendent beauty of the world around me and take pleasure in creating art that inspires curiosity and self-exploration. Fascinated by the way erotic fantasy interacts with the commonplace, often beyond our control she feels that sharing fantasies with others is an act of compassionate vulnerability. Kayla is moved and amazed every time someone says, “This is me without the gaze of the other. This is what sets my desire ablaze, without the need for explanation or the torment of being palatable,” through the act of confessing their innermost yearnings.


Pronouns: He

Born in Tucson, AZ in 1981. Since childhood I had a passion for art. What started as coloring in picture books, progressed to drawing Simpsons and Ninja Turtles in Grade school, to Michael Jordan and other Star Athletes in Middle School, to personal Muses that inspired me in High School. After graduating in 1999, I then attended U of A pursuing a science degree. In 2001, after being on my own and no longer living in my the shadow of my parents I decided to change my major to Art. After a hiatus I was able to graduate from The University of Arizona with a BFA in Studio Arts with a minor in Spanish. My emphasis was figure drawing, I was able to capture the beauty that resides in Humans of all shapes and sizes. Today aside from doing family portraits, pet portraits, I enjoy erotic portraiture which focuses on the M2F pre-op transgender body and the beauty that resides within the balance of feminine and masculine in one body. My artwork is a celebration of this beauty and none of my work is done with any intention to embarrass or exploit any set group a person may identify as.

Amy Stevens

Pronouns: She/Her

An outsider creative and native New Mexican, Amy Stevens has been making art from a young age. She enjoys photography, hinterglasmalerei, acrylic and watercolors. She also enjoys making earrings, cards and baking cakes-whatever tickles her creative fancy!

Angela Sue

Pronouns: Her

Angela Sue is a native Tucsonan with a BFA in sculpture from CCAC in San Francisco. Her lifelong interest in the occult is reflected in these colored pencil drawings. These teachings demonstrate that the body is naturally a temple of pleasure. The orgasmic fluids that result from sacred sexual acts are a fortune-telling tool. Just as one can identify configurations and interpret meaning in the shapes found in tea leaves. The future can be created in a cum shot.

Kara Synhorst

Pronouns: She/Her

Kara Synhorst is a photographer and multimedia artist who has spent most of her life in Tucson, enjoying creating with other artists and exploring various mediums.


We are TAMara and THEo, and go by the alias of TAMTHE as a collective. Not only partners in art but also partners in life, we love to keep ourselves busy with projects and creating art in all kinds of ways and formats. One day you’ll find us painting a giant galactic fish and the next, dropping paint in a tank for visuals. Amateur Djs who love laughing at their mistakes and playing nice ass techno. Lil statues, erotic art shows, you name it, we love all kind of projects and working non stop. We even opened our immersive art lounge called The Dojo in Eagle Vail, Colorado.

Serena Tang

Pronouns: Them/her

Serena Tang is an interdisciplinary visual and performance artist who brings a unique perspective to their work by infusing their passion for social justice issues. Serena’s work has been featured in HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness, Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar, and Sky Harbor International Airport. Serena founded Double Happiness Creative in 2001 and has created the branding and style guide as well as being the art director for Edible Baja Arizona Magazine, and the sole graphic designer at the Tucson Museum of Art. Serena is a founding member of Flight School Acrobatics, an acrobatic performance group, and have taught workshops internationally, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil. They co-lead discussions on racism and oppression at the annual FemPower Acro Festival in Portland, OR. Serena also created programs for the 101Space at the Pima County Library, a maker space for teens. Serena has received numerous grants including an Artist Career Advancement Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and a public art grants through Tucson Pima Arts Council.

Teek & Maywell

Pronouns: They / Them

Teek & Maywell is the collective name for two Tucson multi-disciplinary artists involved in both two- and three-dimensional works that range from serious portraiture to whimsical sculpture. This collaboration began a few years ago and their submission to the 2023 T.E.A.S. is the most ambitious collective work produced thus far. Their work, “172 2nd Street, Apartment 3C,” is an exploration of voyeurism influenced by Duchamp’s installation “Étant Donnés…” set, instead, in an urban environment and in miniature. The viewer is required to approach the wall-mounted work (can also be placed on a pedestal) and “peep” inside the box to see the detailed world contained within. Charged eroticism often requires the viewer to feel a sense of privacy into which they can release their sexuality. By forcing the user to interact singly with the work and to “step into it” with proximity and intimacy, the artists hope to foster a dialogue not only about what constitutes the erotic but the act of viewing, itself.

Max Travers

Pronouns: he/him

Max Travers is a full-time artist and designer living in Tucson. Illustration is Max’s primary medium of art and he loves creating comics, other-worldly characters, and animated GIFs.

Max makes his best work while listening to some of the trippiest music you’ve ever heard. Taking inspiration from various influences in science fiction, street art and 2D animation, his art embraces a combination of slick lines, poppy colors, crispy textures, and a heavy dose of whimsicality and surrealism.

Jeff Troy (sf.pinups)

Pronouns: he/him

I started making erotic art as a way to understand my fetish. As I moved through this journey, I began to strip the shame away from my sexuality and truly understand this aspect of my self. It has been a great honor to connect with people through my art, and to help others separate shame from kink. I’ve used art to help people open the lines of honest communication with their partners, expressing desires they had been too ashamed to admit. Art should be accessible, and while I am looking at sexuality through the lens of my own narrow tastes, I try to make images that are accessible, even to people who don’t share my kink. I think the greatest compliment I can receive is for someone to say – it’s maybe not my thing, but I get it. I’ve been privileged to have my work shown in venues large and small, including the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the London Erotic Art Exhibition, and smaller shows near my home in Western Washington. Online, under the name sf.pinups (smoke fetish, not San Fransisco), I participate in Colab69, an eZine with talented contributors from all over the world.


Pronouns: She/her

TrueFalse uses mixed media collage and photography to challenge ideas regarding erotica and the female body. The body is often dismantled and re-assembled, questioning beliefs regarding beauty, bodily integrity, and structure. Common themes include rope bondage, surreal landscapes, and combinations of human and non-human elements.


Pronouns: he/him

Hey hi hello from your local artist Travis aka Tszabo aka Tszaboart on ig.. I’ve been doing art all my life as I see everything in life can be considered as art I love to think everything can be a little character and beautiful if seen in the right eyes. I like to push the boundaries of real and fake with my art and keep it funky and different! The bigger the challenges the more you’ll grow!


Pronouns: She/they

I am disabled artist and I use my art to process my evangelical upbringing. These pieces deal with themes of purity culture and the demonization of “female” sexuality in general. The standards around a woman’s role in evangelical culture say more about the men in power than they do about women.



Taylor is a multidisciplinary artist living in Tucson, Arizona. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. Although his primary practice mainly consists of drawing, Taylor has recently rediscovered his love for shooting film photography. He is intrigued by how self-portraiture may illuminate and redefine his sexual and queer identity. Taylor is also a sculptor, zinemaker, poet, and collagist. He has two black cats, Chickpea and Merlot.


Pronouns: she/her

A photographer and artist from the Sonoran desert. 1/3 of Dusty Witches.

Velvet & Shadow

Pronouns: she/they

Velvet & Shadow offers custom boudoir photo shoot sessions inside hand crafted sets with rainbow explosions of colorful lights.  Most recently, Velvet & Shadow has been providing projection photo shoots after dark at Floor Polish Dance Studio featuring visuals created by the very talented local artist Angelica Lopez (@Jellotonin).


Pronouns: She/they

I love to collaborate, color, edit, and play! Always been crafty and appreciated the beauty of people and life. Hope to share my vision with the world.

Kendrick Wallace

Fine art photographer, mostly nude art from a neurodivergent perspective.

Audrey Waner

Pronouns: she/her

Audrey Waner is a mixed media artist who enjoys exploring femininity, sexuality, and religion in her work in a way that’s both whimsical and transgressive.

Sidian Watson

Pronouns: She/Her

I’m a Tucson local, having lived here for the last 7 years, I’ve been an active participant in the art scene. I’ve been in a number of shows in the city and hope to continue sharing my art with the world. I intend to create art that is provocative and expressive. I paint my feelings and my thoughts, as simple as that.

Douglas Weber

I’m am a mid career Arizona artist living in Bisbee painting from Black and white photos for a heighten contrast in color.

Wei Wei

Pronouns: she/her

Wei Wei was born and raised in China and came to the United States in 2008. After exploring Los Angeles and New Mexico, she moved to Tucson, AZ where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus on illustration.

Alice B. Wilder

Pronouns: She/ Her

Creator of Genital Electric Empowering humans through erotic art and self-love. In 2021 Alice created a 4 ft neon self-portrait of her vulva as a radical act of self love. Since 2020 she has been creating vulva portraits in the style of neon, as a celebration of vulva diversity, pleasure and sex positivity. Her art approaches taboo topics of shame, sexuality, and pleasure. She uses photography, digital art, and neon glass to expose these topics in society. She hopes that her radical approach to sharing her own journey of self exploration in a raw and authentic way will change the way we approach nudity and sexuality as a whole.

Luke Wilder

Pronouns: he/him

Esthete and wannabe vagabond. Quiet and content, sometimes combative, rational but impulsive. Sincere. Overly optimistic while remaining realistic, a dreamer, but with a day job. Troublemaker who rarely gets caught. Seeing all the shades of gray, yet obsessed with color.

Vanessa Wingerath

Pronouns: she/her

Vanessa Wingerath is a wild woman photographer in Tucson, AZ. She co-creates art with Earthly bodies and the Great Mother. Vanessa was first drawn to pick up a camera when she was attending births as a doula. She photographed birth and then expanded her work to include all women’s rites of passage. Vanessa is also a birth keeper, circle holder, and feminine embodiment guide.

Mia Wolfson

Pronouns: She/Her

I always struggled with expressing myself verbally despite being an emotional person. Discovering my passion for art gave me the freedom to communicate in an alternate way. My art focuses on how my perception of the world and ability to make connections transformed as I learned more about my sexuality as a lesbian. My name is Mia Wolfson. I am a 26 year old artist and art educator born and raised in Tucson. Lately I have been experimenting with painting on thrifted glass frames with acrylics and water based oils.

Kishi wong

Pronouns: He/him

24 yr ol Queer painter and illustrator born and raised in the bordertown of Nogales. Grew up culturally mexican and a quarter chinese, with interests in fighting games, dolls anime and BOYS! As i became fascinated by the body, I realized that i wanted the human form to be the Main subject matter of my work. Althought drawing humans form accurately proves to be difficult, l was taught a drawing technique back home that i expanded and practice ever since. Here you’ll see male Figures evoking different emotions with different themes and composition. If your interested in more work lmk! theres a lot more where that came from

Danie Woodward

Pronouns: She her

I like butts!

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