A safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for celebrating erotica through artistic expression.

Tucson Erotica Art Show (TEAS)

Tucson Erotica Art Show (TEAS) is a month-long gallery exhibit hosted each spring at Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona. The highly-anticipated opening night event draws hundreds to celebrate all-things-erotic in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. In addition to bringing Tucson’s sexiest erotic art and performance together, TEAS strives to be a positive force in the community by promoting sex/body positivity, self-awareness, consent culture, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC representation, sex worker rights, resources for sexual health, and trauma support.

2022 Tucson Erotica Art Show Is Happening Now

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Erotic Art Submissions

Submit 2D/3D artwork including fiber art, multimedia, installations, and literary works for our month long exhibition.

Erotic Film Submissions

Submit short films for the TEASR International Film Festival and/or enter the TEASR Local Short Film Competition.

2022 TEAS Artists

View over 100+ artists featured in the 2022 Tucson Erotica Art Show. All artwork will be on display during this month long art exhibition. Read artist’s bios, visit their websites and online shops. Show your support by following your favorite TEAS artists on social media!

2022 TEASR Short Films

Erotic short films will be featured in the TEASR International Film Festival. 

Body positive, sex-positive, & thought-provoking

TEAS and TEASR is the sexiest erotic art and film festival with city-wide events in Tucson, Arizona. Our mission is to create a positive force in the community for sex/body positivity, self-awareness, consent culture, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC representation, sex worker rights, and resources for sexual health and trauma support.

2022 TEAS & TEASR Event Locations

Join us for the 12th installment of the Tucson Erotica Art Show hosted by Sculpture Resource Center, &gallery, and The Screening Room. Dive into Tucson’s most thought-provoking exhibit and discover an array of fetishes and fantasies that may surprise your predilections, costumes are encouraged! As you indulge in an exciting collection of body-positive and sex-positive artwork and films; please wear a mask and follow social-distancing guidelines.

Sculpture Resource Center

640 N. Stone Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705

Gallery Viewing Hours:
Fri, Sat, Sun 1-7pm

The Screening Room

127 E Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

Film Festival Hours:
March 19, 7-9pm


419 North 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705

Gallery Viewing Hours:
Daily 12pm-6pm

Code of Conduct & Content Warning

The Tucson Erotica Art Show (TEAS) does not tolerate racism, bullying, body shaming, trans/homophobia, and/or gender/sexual harassment in any form from staff, artists, performers, vendors, or attendees. Anyone perpetrating or engaging in any of these acts will be subject to immediate removal from the premises, without refund, and may be banned from future TEAS events. 

If you see, hear, or experience any act, verbal or physical, listed above, please report the incident immediately to security or the nearest staff member. 

Tucson Erotica Art Show (TEAS) events are not “play parties” nor an opportunity to seek sexual gratification. TEAS events are meant to be a safe space for ANY PERSON to celebrate and appreciate adult sexual nature through the blend of art and eroticism.

Erotic-themed costumes and props are encouraged, but please no genital nudity or full-frontal nudity (pasties/nipple covering ok) regardless of gender. 

By entering a TEAS event, you agree to respect the boundaries of all staff, artists, performers, vendors and attendees. Respecting boundaries means receiving verbal confirmation aka “consent” BEFORE touching, staring, and/or sharing opinions or comments on physical/sexual aspects of another individual, even if you feel you are just being “nice” or “flirting” harmlessly. 

For example: Receive clear consent (enthusiastic or affirming “yes”) from an individual before you admire that individual’s costume or prop. Excessive staring from near or afar without the individual’s knowledge or permission is NOT receiving consent, especially if you feel “turned on” while staring.

**Dressing in erotic costume DOES NOT imply desire for sexual attention in any way.**

If you feel you cannot control your actions, are tempted to purposely act without receiving consent, and/or knowingly cross another person’s boundaries, please respectfully remove yourself from the event and seek counsel from a professional.

Safety is our highest priority. If you feel you are being disrespected or are made to feel uncomfortable in any way, please let a staff person know immediately. 

Content Warning: By entering a TEAS event, you are consenting to see sexual themed images by artists with their own preferences, fantasies, kinks and fetishes. These images (performances, products, etc.) may or may not reflect your own preferences, fantasies, kinks, and fetishes. If you experience discomfort from an image, performance, or any aspect of the event, we encourage open and respectful dialogue, or respect your decision to not attend TEAS events.

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