2024 Tucson Erotica Art Show Featured Artist Bios

Pato Aguilar

Pronouns: He/him

Artist with 10 years of related work experience with a portfolio of artworks, exhibitions, and awards. Related experience entails working with collectors, gallerists, and clients; as well as with youth. My work is a multitude of voices and styles. From my series of self portraits to gangster cherubs that are full of character and originality, I use bold colors and intriguing symbolism to express a spiritual journey of emotions, self-reflection, and the human condition


Pronouns: We

The origin of the word trash (Tros) references refuse from plants and leaf litter- two vital elements in regeneration and new life. It feeds, it nourishes, it creates the perfect environment for growth. We have not forgotten Our origins.

Heyoka- the sacred clowns- live contrary to their society. Compelled to laugh in times of grief, love in times of war, feast during famine, We are mirrors for understanding – and tools for illuminating – the darkest creases of a collective visage that is often so frightening it is agreed upon to ignore completely. Satire is all We know. The world is mad and We face it with an equal and opposite madness in an attempt to heal all Other-Selves whose path brings them to healing.

In Love and Light, We are currently experiencing Tucson, via points East. In Love and Light, We are never anywhere but here.


Pronouns: She/Her

Tucson native with a wide style and love for mixing mediums. Third year returning artist to TEAS and first time showing multiple works.

Carolyn Anne Anderson

Pronouns: she/her

Carolyn Anne Anderson is a self-taught artist who’s body of work is influenced greatly by her experience of living with a disability . Paralyzed in motor vehicle accident in 1991 at age 17 she has used a wheelchair for all of her adult life .

Her work reflects on feminine identities, sexuality, and the taboo mythologies that live alongside ability and disability. Using pen and ink on paper, Anderson explores bodies and desire, especially for those outside the dominant narrative.

While her work does not focus on creating images of disability as subject matter, they add to the broader goal of making the disabled experience more visible. Through her art, activism, public speaking, mentorship, academic and non-fiction writing, Anderson has been a contributing voice to the disability culture movement for over 3 decades. By adding her unique experiences into disciplines where disabled women’s perspectives and creativity are not often sought or celebrated she hopes to bring awareness regarding accessibility, representation, and inclusion, to a larger audience.

A graduate of the University of Arizona (1997 & 2000), Anderson currently lives and works in Tucson, Arizona

Christina Ansefelt

Pronouns: She

Christina is a freelance photographer who specializes in 35mm splashes of color and double exposures. She has photographed local events, concerts, and models and isn’t shy when it comes to experimentation. Her latest effort is her first foray into 80mm film and long exposures.

Alex Armijo

Pronouns: She/They

I am a queer, Mexican-American artist, born and raised in the Valley of the Sun, AZ. I’m forging my path in the art world, refining a distinctive style, influenced by both contemporary and traditional art forms, and expanding my portfolio through mediums like watercolor and digital art.

My work aims to challenge and disrupt conventional perceptions in human expression. Through my art, I articulate themes of self-love, liberation, and pen heartfelt love letters to my community.

Cora Beckett

Pronouns: she/they

Cora is queer sex worker and mixed media artist born and raised in Tucson. They graduated from the U of A with a major of Film & TV and a minor in Gender & Women’s Studies but never received a certificate in the mail so who knows if it even counts. Their art usually integrates themes of human connection, chronic pain, class systems and Structure as an ever-disintegrating & richly fertile pile of shit. All you really need to know about Cora is that they could definitely beat you up, but choose to live a life of playfulness and artistic expression instead.

Emma Bernadette

Pronouns: she/they

Emma Bernadette is your typical neighborhood Lavender Menace. A Tucson local educator, sculptor, and cat mom; she loves anything irreverent and whimsical.


Bettina Bio bettina was born in Washington, D.C. in 1952. She grew up on the East Coast and began her professional painting career at age sixteen, when her works were picked up by James Hunt Barker Galleries in Nantucket, MA
After receiving her BFA in illustration from Syracuse University, bettina worked as an art director and illustrator in New York City.
From her teens to her relocation to Hawaii in the 1970’s, she spent time in the Caribbean and was influenced by the islands’ folk artists. While bettina’s work is viewed as unique and out of the mainstream art circles, her paintings are found in private collections in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Bettina has been in 21 juried shows, 5 awards, 2 solo exhibitions, 6 group exhibitions, 3 invitational exhibitions, 2 museum collections
In December 2015, bettina left her island home for the mainland, where she spent a year in Portland, Oregon. As of May 2017, bettina is residing in Tucson, Arizona

Parker Quinn Bickhale

Pronouns: She/Her

Parker is a queer artist based in Tucson, AZ. Themes in her work explore misplaced sugarcoating through soft textures created with pastry piping techniques.

Bound Light Productions

Pronouns: He/him

I am a photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty and sensuality of the human form through the art of erotic photography. My work explores the interplay of light and shadow, celebrating the natural curves and expressions of the body. Through my images, I seek to evoke a sense of intimacy and passion, inviting the viewer to appreciate the elegance and allure of the subject. Each photograph is a unique exploration of the boundless possibilities of human expression and connection

Rick Bracht

Pronouns: He

Rick Bracht is a professional photographer located in Tucson, Az. specializing in boudoir, pinup and fine art photography

Ren Buchness

Pronouns: They/them

Ren Buchness (they/them) is a contemporary artist & fat activist based in Tucson, Arizona. By combining painting & performance, they aim to question Western standards of beauty and create conversations that alter preconceived notions about the fat body. In 2013, they received their BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University, and in 2018 earned their Master of Fine Art with a focus in painting & video from the University of Arizona. Ren’s work has been shown in multiple galleries across the country. Their work has also been featured in several publications both nationally and internationally. They have taught figure drawing and watercolor painting classes & workshops at the university, as well as privately at local establishments. Ren is also the founder of the Queer Craft Art Collective, an LGBTQ focused art group based in Tucson. Most days, you can find Ren in the studio, creating works of art that celebrate and explore the fat experience.

Laurie Cale

Pronouns: She/Her

I am a 2D artist exploring the dynamic between vulnerability and power as played out through the body

Eva Jane Cardenas

Pronouns: She/her

Eva Jane, better known as EJ by her friends, is a Tucson native and lover of all art forms. From oil painting to sewing to crotchet, she has mayriad of ongoing projects at all times, when she’s not exploring the corners of the globe.

Adam Casey

Pronouns: He

Adam Casey draws stuff– some of it ain’t half bad! He works with pencil, pen, as well as digitally to create works with diverse representation covering the erotic to the nostalgic. He lives in North Carolina where he is a board member of the Arts District of Winston-Salem.


Pronouns: They/Them

Circe (they/them), formerly known as Dragon Sundancer, is an American artist born in the last half of the 20th Century. Their unapologetic erotic pieces command attention in sharp tones, exploring their own Transgressive take on sex, power, gender, race, class and the Divine while channeling cross-cultural Archetypes both Sacred and profane.

A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, they have had many solo and group shows including the Rita Dean Gallery in San Diego, the Naked Gallery in San Fransisco, the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture, the Green Dragon in Santa Barbara, the Seatle Erotic Art Show and the Bisbee Erotic Art Show. They have been honored by the Tom of Finland Foundation with several Best of Show awards including Best Emerging Artist of 2001.

Their oil painting “Masculine/Feminine” was exhibited in a group show in Oakland and featured in the book “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, vol. 1”. Their charcoal drawings were in the private collection of the late Charles Gatewood.

They currently live in McNeal, Arizona with their life partner Zia, one dog and 4 cats.

Patrick Clark

Based out of Tucson and Missoula, Montana I have the best of both worlds. I shoot everything under the sun and enjoy working with new clients. From the studio to the great outdoors my work comes from my heart to show the beautiful world we live and work in. Commissions welcome.

Darron E. Copeland

Pronouns: he/him

In March of 2016, Darron quit his job as an accountant at a prestigious investment firm in New York City to start his own graphic design business in Stamford, CT. Shortly after obtaining a Graphic Design Certificate from Hunter College in May 2015, Graphique Couture, LLC was born. Whether Darron is working with textiles, silkscreen, paint, photography or digital imagery, he leverages his graphic and computer illustration skills to create modern, clean and simple art.

Early influencers in his career include photographer Annie Leibovitz. Her keen sense of composition and color grading coupled with the way Leibovitz captures light and mood has definitely had an impact on Darron’s work. However, it’s the masters like Michelangelo Caravaggio and Diego Velázquez that first captured Darron’s imagination with the incredible realism their paintings conveyed.

Like Caravaggio, Darron is drawn to the intersection of traditional art, photography and technology. His fascination with 3D design has definitely had an impact on his art.

Darron is a self taught textile artist who loves to infuse humor into his work. Combining textiles like linen, cotton, leather, paint and found objects with appliqué and embroidery techniques allows Darron to bring 3D elements to his art.

Adam Courtney

Pronouns: He/Him

I am a third generation Tucsonan, a bred in the bone desert rat. After two decades, I traded the sun-hammered sands of the Sonoran desert for lush greens and ice winters in New York City. I went to study photography and spend some time in an environment where plants don’t try to stab you as you pass. My time in New York connected me to artists, writers, musicians, deviants, sex workers, politicians, ska enthusiasts. Sometimes they consented to making art with me.

Juliana Cullen

Pronouns: She/her

Since 2011, Juliana has been attending live figure drawing sessions. After facilitating sessions in college and organizing small one-off groups for years, she landed in Tucson. Collaborating with others in town, she created what is now known as Tucson Draws. With encouragement toward first-time models, she has especially set out to hire folks with all body types to feel comfortable in their bare skin. Tucson Draws has met almost every week since 2021.

Patrick Clark

Based out of Tucson and Missoula, Montana I have the best of both worlds. I shoot everything under the sun and enjoy working with new clients. From the studio to the great outdoors my work comes from my heart to show the beautiful world we live and work in. Commissions welcome.


Known for pushing the boundaries of conventional photography, Eugene is a visionary artist immersed in alternative photographic processes. With an unyielding passion for experimentation, he transcends traditional norms to create mesmerizing visuals that defy expectations. Eugene’s journey in handmade photography began with a fascination for the alchemy of light and chemicals, leading him to explore techniques like cyanotype, Van Dyke brown printing, wet plate collodion and traditional gelatin silver printing.

His work is a fusion of art and science, capturing the essence of time through unconventional nowadays mediums. Eugene challenges the limitations of the photographic medium, breathing life into each piece with a unique interplay of textures and tones. Exhibiting his work in several gallery shows, he has garnered acclaim for his ability to weave narratives through alternative photographic processes, inviting viewers into a realm where the familiar transforms into the extraordinary. Through this artist’s distinctive approach, Eugene continues to carve his way into the realm of long forgotten by many historic photographic processes, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of past and present.


Pronouns: He

I’m just a meat puppet following my programming!

Regina Dante

Pronouns: She/her

Regina is a mixed media artist with a focus on fiber and paper art.

Amber Davis

Pronouns: she/they

Amber is a multidisciplinary artist who often takes inspiration from the natural world and her love of animals and science

Trina Noel Davis

Artist, Trina Noel Davis, at times an avatar representation of a real-life artist who enjoys creative projects in the virtual world. I photograph as well as create short films as part of a genre of filmmaking called Machinima. This year at TEAS all of my photography is taken in virtual world.


Deathsick, or Katie, is a freelance illustrator from Tucson, AZ. My work is characterized by fine lines and meticulous detail inspired by nature, folklore, and the macabre. I work primarily in pen and ink, and digital format.

Desert Unicorn Photography

Pronouns: she/her

I am a lifestyle photographer. Portraying the emotions of life is what I do. Born and raised in Arizona. Everyday people see themselves through their own eyes. Due to societal influence, people focus on their faults. As a photographer, I want to show people the beauty within themselves and the everyday. This created a fire within me to seize the opportunity to show people they can be different, unique, quirky and still be beautiful through photography.


Pronouns: He/Him

Drub is a San Diego, CA fetish artist most known for his youthful, homomasculine archetypes such as skinheads, punks, truckers, plumbers, skaters, devils and rubbermen. Drub has participated in art shows worldwide in Los Angeles, Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, and participates occasionally in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, over the last 35 years. Drub enjoys the attention of independent comic book publishers, working with publications such as ‘Freshman’, ‘Instigator’, “Desert Heat” and ”Blue magazine”, doing commissioned work, and selling hand-made greeting cards showcasing his illustrations for Mr. B in Amsterdam and Berlin, The Leatherman in New York City, and many others.

Dusty Witches

Pronouns: they/them

A coven of queers blowing through the desert.

Sommer Eli

Pronouns: she/her

A visionary in the realm of graphic digital erotic art, Sommer Eli draws inspiration from the captivating essence of women, the unbridled force of passion, and the allure of bold colors. Through a skillful interplay of contrast and vibrant hues, Sommer creates evocative works that celebrate the beauty and intensity of desire.


Pronouns: she/her

Born and raised Tucson queer. I am part of a small artist collective owned and run by queers. Art allows me to celebrate my femininity, self expression and queeriness.


Evak (Todd Laurer Jr) – Raised in the art-rich town of Gallup New Mexico, Evak has spent 20 plus years creating art in many forms. At a young age his interest was peaked by the passing of late 1990s and early 2000’s freight trains covered in graffiti. His love as a viewer eventually drove him to try his own hand at the art form and so began a lifelong love for visual arts. Evak’s collections are rich with the vibrant colors of the southwest and hold heavy style cues from the world of Graffiti art. With strengths in various script styles and a natural eye for depth, his transition into the world of digital art came with new ideas and a larger platform he is eager to share. Now residing in the city of Tucson,Arizona, you can find his works on Instagram, Facebook and soon analog works will be available in gallery exhibitions.

Edward Ficklin

Pronouns: he/him/his

Edward Ficklin (he/him), the maverick artist not afraid to say gay, is dedicated to creating erotic art as a pathway to liberation for all. His surrealist work centers the nude figure exploring its own delights, ranging from the sensual to the ecstatic. In defiance of the societal forces attempting erasure by legislation, algorithm, or so-called “community” standards, he delights viewers with imagery of sex and body positivity. His paintings have appeared in NYC galleries like Foley Gallery and the SoHo Project Space, national exhibitions dedicated to erotic art such as CLAW Leather Getaway Kinky Art Show and Seattle Erotic, and numerous naughty, but high quality, publications like Erotic Edges, Doable Guys, and Dirty Little Drawings. He likes his martinis straight up, with a twist, and, of course, made with gin. He adores the grit, freedom, and wild unpredictability of urban existence and continues, likely to the grave, attempts to get that orchid plant to bloom again.

David Foley

Still can’t seem to stop painting in my shed.

Heather Free

curious photographer.

Douglas Fur

Pronouns: He/Him

Douglas Fur is a nationally exhibited photographer and filmmaker from Tucson. Typically his work focuses on conceptual portraits with a focus on deeply emotional themes, and attention to his use of the male gaze.

Adam Gilliland

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Adam has no idea what he is doing, but he has fun doing it.

Gilty Boy

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Trevor Mock is a queer artist based in Tucson Az working under the names Sonoran Witch Boy and Gilty Boy. Trevor is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in lost wax casting and reverse glass painting. Their work is influenced by queer exploration, sexuality, and the natural world.

Jenny Gomez

Pronouns: They/Them


Dennis Gordon

My work is inspired by the beauty I see in the amazing and in the mundane world that surrounds us. Dappled shadows, tree branches against the sky, ripples in the water, cityscapes, people – all engraved into a wood plate (s), inked and printed on a printmaking press.

My background in Printmaking has led me to explore new options in relief printing, specifically, woodcuts or wood engravings.

Other printmaking areas, such as intaglio, silk screen and lithography have all embraced the photographic process and new technologies and I have applied this innovative aspect to my woodcuts.

I also began combining my painting background with the woodcuts by painting a background on printmaking paper, letting that dry, then inking up the wood plate and printing on that background. I usually apply this background painting in a fairly loose manner, which allows the more defined woodcut print to dominate.
Woodcuts are an exciting media due to the bold line work and the slight dimensionality as the paper is pressed into the wood, creating raised surfaces. I aim to instill a mystery or sensuality to my woodcuts since I believe great art should produce a mood, emotion or some reaction in the viewer.

Chloë Hammond

Pronouns: she

I am a painter and glassblower currently living in Tucson, Az. I love to create unusual scenes in my watercolors with layers of detail, often reflecting dreams or memories that can make personal connections with the viewer. For this body of work I wanted to create dreamy and calming scenes for the figures to exsist in. I want them to feel as though they are connected with their natural surroundings, the hot sun on the skin, the sand stuck in crevaces, the crashing, spraying of the sea all play a sensory role here. To me the oysters and pearls are a symbol of sensuality, and the effortlessness of it. You find a shiny pearl within a grey oyster so easliy, it is such a reward and it was there all along so naturally.

Kyle Keady Hansen

Pronouns: She/Her

I love to make art that makes people smile! My work tends to be big and is often interactive. I enjoy using found materials and playing with different lighting effects. I work in many different mediums and am always trying something new!

Hare on Fire (Jake Lawson)

Pronouns: He/him

Im excited to share my new series for 2024, NEON VAMPIRE, and to explore creating more sexually charged artwork.

I love art. I love to paint. I love sex.

Carly Heras


Hello friends! This is my art. Every piece I do I have a deep connection with as I’ve spent so many hours creating them. I paint with acrylic, and typically only use just 3 colors (brown, white, and black). And I color block the backgrounds so your mind can make up its own conclusions what she’s going through. Is it pain or joy? Only you could know. I hope you love seeing them as much as I love making them!

RK Hobbs

Pronouns: He/him

I am a long-time film photographer who is interested in non-traditional means of photographic image-making.

Patrick Hynes

Pronouns: He/him

Patrick Hynes received his BFA in painting and printmaking from the
University of Arizona School of Art in 1971 after studying with Bruce McGrew, among others.
From 1971 to 1972 he studied with Black Mountain College artist and teacher Hazel Larsen Archer at Avalon College.

He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he continues to explore drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage
and creates architectural art using a variety of materials.

His intention is to show the exuberance of natural life and the mystery of mythological subjects.


Pronouns: He/Him

My work explores the renewal and reinforcing of relationships to self, the erotic, and healing as a survivor of sexual violence, transphobia, and childhood trauma. It celebrates the beauty of trans bodies and their right to take up space and to feel pleasure. It finds the beauty in things often pushed into shadow, speaks out loud the things that have been kept quiet. My art reflects my journey through healing and of reclaiming sensuality and pleasure and invites the viewer to see themselves in those parts of that same journey that they find themselves in.


Pronouns: He/Him/His

IDoDoodlesToo is a Las Vegas based artist who works digitally, utilizing a variety of programs. He has enjoyed exploring gay male sex and sexuality through his artwork since he began drawing again in 2019 after a fifteen year separation from artistic putsuits. He has been featured in publications including Barbequeer and The Art of Being Queer. He is self-taught and is inspired by capturing beauty in all types of men and portraying sex in a positive and healthy way in its many ways of being expressed. He has been heavily influenced by pop art, comic book artists and many different types of anime.


Pronouns: He / Him

Recently transplanted to Tucson, J’s photos document the time spent traveling cross country, looking for a place to make home. Reflections on loneliness, discomfort, peace and longing. As is true of all his art, these are the products of a simple thing called Play.


Pronouns: he/him

Jo is a Tucson native. His creations are often abstract and other-worldly. He has a passion for all things weird. He works in various mediums from acrylic to screen printing. His world is full of strange creatures that he dreams up and brings to life with his art.


Pronouns: she/her

Juliet is an Arizona-native specializing in nude photography self-portraiture. Juliet is also a musician, dancer, and trail runner, which is how she scopes out unique spots for nude photography.

Laura Kassmann

Pronouns: She/her

Laura Kassmann is a local Tucson artist.

Phil Kelly

Pronouns: He/Him

Tucson area photographer, exploring of fetish and kink

Kev’s Del Rey

I am an amateur artist, Mexican, lover of the strange and exotic, lover of freedom, lover of expressing my feelings through self-portraits.

Haji Khalil

Local tattoo artist, and designer

Betty Knockers Art

Pronouns: she/her

Betty Knockers is a persona created to help a shy girl break out and live her truth. Growing up on anime, video games, and horror movies – I was always drawn to bodacious figures. Unfortunately, the female characters lacked depth and seemed more ornamental. I fantasized about them having different shapes, styles, and characteristics.

Drawing erotic artwork celebrates the body and yourself. I make an effort as an artist to showcase bodies with fat, muscle, and unique complexions. I adore freckles and a little softness.

Sex isn’t shameful, and I take a male-dominated art style and create something inclusive for everyone!

Sophia Laing

Pronouns: she/they

I am a local Tucson based artist whose focal point is on portraits and the figure. My aim as an artist is to create work that is a disgustingly beautiful representation of feminity, sexuality, and identity combined.


Pronouns: she/her

Well, Howdy! My name is Leia. I’m an Arizona gal who works on my art in my free time. I used to be scared of failing at art, but became more curious about expressing myself through it in 2021. I mainly like to draw and use charcoal or pens as my medium. Figure drawing is my jam and I am super interested in posing and perspective. My art inspiration is usually something that makes me laugh. I’m just a girl looking for a good time. I usually model for my works so take a good look, if you want to find me.

Zachary Lihatsh

Pronouns: He/Him

Zachary Lihatsh is an artist, designer, and blacksmith. He is the co-founder of Helen street studios LLC; an art and industrial space. He is the sole proprietor of Dry River Forge LLC. Zach Spends much of his time working in his Shared studio space, creating tools and public art, as well as sculptures and private commissions. He received his MFA at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. He has taught blacksmithing at high school and college levels as well as assisting at the Penland School of craft in North Carolina. He has exhibited work and lectured at the Estonian academy of art, The University of Gothenburg, The Appalachian center for craft and Pendland School of craft. His Public art commissions can be seen in Tucson, Arizona and at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Cassandra Lilith

Pronouns: She/Her

Cassandra Lilith is a figurative expressionist artist living in Phoenix, AZ whose primary medium is acrylic paint. Her focus is on visually capturing what is felt through the human figure.

Diego Jose Lopez

Diego Lopez is an antidisciplinary scholar hailing from South Tucson, Arizona. His research interests include sexuality, art, philosophy of science, HIV/AIDS studies, prison abolition, history, and psychoanalysis. Lopez is currently working on a manuscript on the history of mass-incarceration in Arizona and how it has affected the desert environment. email:

Jeff Lownsbury

Tucson painter drawn to the 1950s Bay Area Figuration Movement where artists returned to the form from the abstractions of the previous era of Modern art.

Alan Lyon

Pronouns: He, Him

Full time artist with ten years experience. I have sold 16,000 signed images worldwide. My work has been shown in Both NYC and LA in the Superfine Art fair. Most of my work has been sold on Ebay using the Alan Lyon Store.

What does your work aim to say? Does it comment on any current social or political issues?
“This is very important — my work is a mirror where men can see themselves. The issue is men’s health and well-being. I have an eye for the array of movement that radiates from all sorts of men in spite of sexuality, captured in their most vulnerable state: nude.

My art is a protest against the objectification of the male body, and against commercialism. It allows the viewer to see themselves in the art, and to be part of the world around them, to feel included. It is realistic, non-commercial. Nothing is ever photo-shopped – not a body part nor a background element. This allows the viewer to be present in the real world, to picture themselves there. It shows different people, different body types, different energies, thereby allowing the viewer to see themselves in the culture.”

Mal Martel

Pronouns: he/him

My intent with erotic art is to serve a counterpoint to my “regular art.” Such fantasies that play with the very origin of human existence are not intended to degrade it, but elevate it as the pleasure and spice of a higher existence. The pleasure of the erotic, especially translated as a “freeze frame” in art, is fleeting, yet constant, like the flowering of Japanese cherries that floats above the terror of war and strife. The erotic floats above the mundane and the banal, and it always clings to the best of human energy and potency, whereas regular art settles for the beautiful aftermath it leaves behind.

Huds Maywell

Pronouns: he, him

Huds Maywell (a nom de plume) is a photographer and writer in the Tucson area who feeds off of collaboration. He is part of the partnership “Teek & Maywell”

Spencer McCleave

Pronouns: he, him

Interested in art since childhood in Nova Scotia, I have greatly increased my pace in recent years, working in charcoal, graphite, acrylics and oils. I was a family doctor in years past, and for years worked in the corporate world. Quite happy that’s all behind me, I’m focused on aesthetics and eros as found in nature, art, the kitchen and dining table, and between people.

Mary McCorkle

Pronouns: She/they

Mary is a floral designer from NYC, flying her inner freak flag.

Her flower journey has taken her everywhere from studying Horticultural Therapy at the New York Botanical Garden, to working on a flower farm in Virginia, to herbalism workshops, making olive oil in Italy and foraging in the jungle of Panama to make plant tinctures. 

Her commercial work focuses on bespoke florals for events, installations and photoshoots.

Jen McFarland

Pronouns: they/them

Jen’s work attempts to visually explain the tension between the devastation and beauty of being human.

Cyn McManus

Pronouns: She/Her

Cyn as an artist focuses on mixed media and different formats to create art that reflects culture, life, and humor.

Burke Mexico

Pronouns: He/him

Tucson based artist specializing in putting paint on a paint brush and moving it around on a canvas or other surface until images start to form. Favorite colors: red rocket and tickle me pink
Favorite artist: Teddy Holisky my best friend from kindergarten who one time painted a bunch of penguins having a snow ball fight
Favorite medium: whole milk

Shannon Moran

Pronouns: She

I was born in upstate NY, but have lived in Tucson over 30 years. I have submitted my art to TEAS for the last several years and it is one of my favorite shows to participate in.

Destiny Morel Photography

NYC native, visual storyteller of intimacy & connection. Specializing in intimate couples, based out of AZ yet travels worldwide.

Ruben Urrea Moreno

Pronouns: He, him, El

Ruben Urrea Moreno is a multi-disciplinary Chicano artist born and raised in South Tucson, Arizona. His work focuses on 2D painting and drawing and examines themes of human rights, political plights, and his own Mexican and indigenous heritage which is an ongoing commitment to finding a way back to lost knowledge and history.
Professionally, Ruben has been a career fabricator/ builder and currently works as the senior exhibit preparator with the Arizona State Museum.
Ruben has works in the permanent collections of the University of Arizona- Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art, El Paso Museum of Art, and Austin Museum of Art.

Chris Moreno

Pronouns: He/him

Tucson based artist, Chris Moreno, has been painting with different mediums over the past several years.


Pronouns: he/him

The human body is a remarkable and expressive canvas that can convey a range of emotions through subtle movements and postures. The way an artist depicts the human form can communicate different meanings, such as the tense and rigid stance of someone in distress or the relaxed and fluid motions of a person at ease.

To create more impact in my art, I tend to limit the number of colors I use. This technique helps me focus on the essential elements of my work and creates a sense of harmony and balance. By carefully selecting a few colors, I can intensify the visual impact and make it more striking and evocative.

In summary, I believe that art has the power to tell a story and evoke emotions, and the human body is a potent tool for expressing a range of feelings through physical gestures. With the help of selective color schemes, I can intensify the impact of my artwork, providing a more concentrated and powerful visual experience for the viewer.

Kerri Monica

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Kerri Monica is an American self taught artist from Michigan with a passion for the sublime beauty of the male and female form in both the nude and erotic genres of artistic expression. Her work as an erotic artist emphasizes the exquisite lines and forms of the human body in both the single-figure portrait, as well as the human body engaged in deeply intimate sexual expression. 
Her exploration of different media in pursuit of a meaningful artistic statement ranges from pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic, colored pencil and graphite as well as digital drawings. Her understated approach allows a wide margin for participation of the viewer’s imagination in each compelling portrait. Overall, her works present an entire catalogue of seductive postures and poses that are done with sensitivity and power creating a truly exciting artistic experience.

Kerri Monica’s art is not only in demand locally and internationally, she has also showed works in juried art exhibitions in Orange County California, Tucson Arizona, Detroit Michigan, London and has her art work published in Best of Erotic Art 2nd edition (EAL London).

Diego Nacho

Pronouns: He/Him

Diego is a Phoenix native with Mexican-American heritage. Diego, a graphic designer, photographer, and digital organizer, blends these skills to create intentional storytelling. His work centers around themes of self-image, culture, traditions, social and political issues, as well as landscapes.

Whether undertaking a self-portrait or documenting a protest, Diego’s focus is on the small details—the raw emotions, genuine moments, skin, and imperfections. Everything is interconnected, weaving a narrative that explores human experiences and our world.

Recently diagnosed with ADHD, Diego’s unique perspective comes from a lifetime of seeing things through a different. This perspective shapes his passion for capturing the authentic moments


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Nash is a professional artist living in Des Moines,IA. While proficient in many mediums, most of his erotic work is done in the form of linoleum block prints. Using the skill that he learned as a boy, he utilizes linoleum block printing to explore his fascination with the male body, male genitals, and male on male sex.

Loyal Newman

Pronouns: She/Her

Drawn to contrast and texture, I love the clean simplicity and versatility of charcoal. While studying art I became interested in it as a form of therapy and personal empowerment. The goal of my work is to normalize conversations around sexuality, and to make everyone feel safe, heard, and welcomed. I am available for custom pieces, and am also looking for models for future drawings. If you would like to be represented in my art or are interested in commissioning a custom piece, please contact me.  email:


From Bucharest, residing in Timisoara and my “half” – muse/artist in Alba, quite scattered all over for such an introvert as me. I have an academic background but what makes my art apart (I think) is that I mostly create from imagination and memory and occasionally or when available after live model. The erotica is just a personal perspective, strictly tight to my fellow artist and friend present in my illustration.
This began as a fun thing for both of us but after an encouraging feedback from viewers and their receptivity based on connection with my art, slightly, I started to exhibit in similar initiatives as Tucson Erotic Art Festival which by the way, along with all others across the world still are the best and real method of exposure, considering how social media… regresses when it comes to art.
Unfortunately my only website is actually another platform. Patreon. For different reasons. First – even if it’s discouraging for social media viewers for being a payed access, it’s safe for mature content. Second, lack of means to print my art. Maybe there will be one in the future.

Everly O

Pronouns: She/Her

Everly, creator of Silverwild Designs, is (among other things) a silversmith, jewelry designer, painter, & creative art muse/collaborator. She actualized Silverwild Designs as a way to integrate, honor, share, and let breathe some of her deepest passions. These passions include humanity, sensuality, the human form, movement, wearable art, chromatica, the celebration of pleasure, collaborative creation, & community. By nature Everly’s series and collections are thoughtful, small, & intimate.

Everly learned to silversmith at the age of 19 in San Miguel de Allende, MX at the Instituto Allende; during that time she simultaneously studied painting in an apprenticeship under post-impressionist painter Rita Hill Torlen. Everly was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, and now lives between Tucson, AZ and Port Townsend, WA.

Sharika Onyea

Pronouns: She/They

Sharika Onyea is an interdisciplinary artist who has always taken interest in mental health, sexuality, and identity. Much of her work is about reclaiming the female body, sexual trauma, and taking up space as a Black woman. They are queer, a mother, amateur herbalist, intermediate yogi, creatrix, and healing guide.

Paulo Artistics

I am a self trained photographer based in Atlanta, GA. I have always had a camera in my hand but I begin refining my craft 20 yrs ago. I cannot attribute my style to any one particular source. It is a blend of artist’s work that I found mentally stimulating and through years of practice I have blended my own concoction of lighting and angles.

When first started shooting nudes I always went into the shoot with a plan, with a certain vision or image in my head that wanted to create. As time went by I felt that approach was too structured. So now the approach is start with a theme and where ever the shoot organically flows we will follow the path.

Sydney Perrault

Allyson Plantz

Pronouns: They/them

Trained artist getting back at it after a decade-long hiatus. I dabble in SFX makeup, painting, graphite illustration, and drag. Makeup artist at Slaughterhouse.

Alfred J.Quiroz

Tucson native, Vietnam veteren, BFA SF Art Institute 1971, MAT RISD 1974, MFA UA 1984. Have exhibited internationally and nationally.
Have received numerous awards including AZ Arts Award, Fulbright Scholar, and Artists Grants from AZ Comm. on the Arts. Border Milagro pieces were the subject of a chapter in the publication “Faith and Transformation,” Museum of New Mexico Press (2007). The Milagro works were selected for inclusion for the publication “Up Against the Wall” University of Texas Press. In 2007 awarded the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Latino Artist Lifetime AchievementAward.
In 2009, his photograph on vinyl (12’ X 60’), entitled “Invisible Wall” was installed on the Border wall in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. The Cultura Sonorese of Mexico funded the project. In 2012, the University of Mexico UNAM, Mexico City DF reproduced my “Goddess” painting in the publication “En La Punta de La Lengua.” The same painting was reproduced on the cover of the book “Mama Dolly,” Stockholm, Sweden also in 2012 and recently on the cover of “Power,” 2021.
Awarded Professor Emeritus status in 2018. Spring 2022 invited artist for the “XICANX, Dreamers & Changemakers” invitational exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology, BCU, Vancouver BC        Email:

Art Ramon

Pronouns: He/Him/His

In 1998, Art Ramon abandoned the Houston art scene to the rat race underground. Almost two decades later, he reappeared in the Tucson art scene. Still haunted by his 16-year hiatus, Art Ramon survives as an artist seeking fortune. If you have a decor problem and no one else can help, and if you can find one, maybe you can acquire, an Art Ramon Painting.

Aaron Rayburn

Pronouns: He/Him

I create photographic art that I like to look at. I like simple compositions, clean lines, but with details that you can pour over endlessly. I like photographs that are visually striking, but I also like photographs that tell a story, and they don’t have to do both. I like photographs that have a sense of polish and a calculated, deliberate approach. Initially, I don’t think I considered that I would develop an individual style that would come to encapsulate my body of work. This is the case with every artist, naturally, but the point at which you recognize this about your own work seems to be an inflection point, where you truly begin to develop and cultivate a feeling of congruency in everything that you do, regardless of the subject. The risk, of course, is not being able to recognize if you have bad taste. And then you wind up with an entire portfolio of bullshit that nobody really likes but you. I hope that’s not the case, but if it is, at least I have two decades of bullshit that I like to look at.

Kait Reza

Pronouns: she/her

A Tucson native, Kait had been a participant of Tucson Erotica since it’s conception. She rekindled her love of art and creating during lock down in peak Covid-19 2020… the only gift she received from that time. She finds inspiration in graphic novels, animation artists, horror, and the kink community.


I began exploring the world of art at a very young age and was fortunate enough to nurture my developing passion as a young adult living in Maui, HI. I spent my early 20’s developing my own artistic style, inspired by the beauty I found myself immersed in. I have been based in Tucson, AZ since 2010, and have found new types of beauty to inspire my art. My paintings embody a soft style, weaving between abstraction, surrealism, and reality inspired by the captivating yet often-overlooked curves and shapes found both in nature and in the human form.
My attraction to the human form deepened, leading me to explore the world of modeling with local photographers and artists. This fusion of modeling and painting forms the core of my current artistic expression, revealing connections between the human body and our surrounding world.
I like to think the art I create encapsulates the overlooked beauty in the convergence of form and function. Each piece narrates a visual story, transcending boundaries to unveil the profound connections that define our shared existence. Through my work, I aspire to inspire viewers to perceive the world through a lens of nuanced beauty.

Brennan Rigg

My name is Brennan Rigg. I am a visual artist and poet, born in 1995. My work is largely reliant on symbolist traditions and classical inspiration. Ideally, my work facilitates for engagement with subconscious and archetypal themes.


Pronouns: They/them/he/him

RiggerJay is a Canadian born, Seattle based rope enthusiast who is often seen with rope in hand and a camera over the shoulder.

After finding a copy of Lee Harrington’s “Shibari You Can Use”, his passion for rope and kink was born. From there RiggerJay became very active in his local rope scene running local events as well as helping on-line communities. His goal is to spread that same passion to others!

Beyond, rope, RiggerJay’s passion is photography, coming full circle and blending both skills, RiggerJay did the photography for the latest version of Shibari You can Use (the book he first learned rope from) as well as More Shibari You can Use.

You can follow his photography and writing at

AJ Ringström

Pronouns: He/Him

My name is AJ Ringström. I am an artist and photographer from Tucson, AZ. I create sculpture and photographic art based on death, dark/horror and religious themes.


Richard “rogo.” Rogowski
Pittsburgh, PA


Rogo is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed illustrator and printmaker.

An Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduate in 1991, he has continuously created art while maintaining an unrelenting dedication to skateboarding and punk rock.

His work is a combination of several traditional artistic disciplines and digital production. He specializes in real-world use of crow quill, brush and ink, serigraph, and linoleum block printing. These original hands-on renderings are resized and reworked digitally into analog collages that also combine exploitative public domain images and original photography.

Inspired by Pop Art masters Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, along with low-brow poster maker Frank Kozik; he utilizes the lost art of serigraph. This medium serves as a conduit for a physical, tactile experience of black-and-white figure-ground representation, accompanied by neon colors all printed on high-end archival paper.

Rogo’s artwork was featured in New Yorker Magazine, Hawaii 5-0 television series, and multiple skateboard companies, and he served as a personal photographer to legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Rope Daddy

Pronouns: He/him

Educator, Performer, Lover, Kinkster and Creative Entertainer, Rope Daddy was inspired by the world of Shibari and began his rope journey in 2017. Influenced by his passion for kink, his art showcases the combination of power dynamics, aesthetics, restraints and highlights the beauty of his models.

Alyseandra Ruiz

Pronouns: She/her

My name is Alyseandra Ruiz and I am a self taught Tucson local artist. I hope to spread body positivity through my artwork and bring awareness to all the ladies out there that their own unique body is beautiful. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy!


Pronouns: They/He

A visionary queer gender nonconforming artist hailing from the picturesque town of Sugarloaf. Their artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-expression and a profound exploration of identity, equality, and body acceptance.
Pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and dismantling stereotypes. Their work serves as a celebration of diversity, advocating for a world where every individual’s journey is acknowledged and respected.

Rye emerges as a force of liberation, inviting viewers to join them on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Through the lens of their art, they invite us all to reconsider our understanding of identity, equality, and the boundless beauty found in the intersectionality of the human experience.

Ellie Schumann-Mraz

Pronouns: She/Her

My name is Ellie Schumann-Mraz, I’m a 37 year old photographer based in Tucson. Art is a reflection of the artist, and my identity as a trans woman has had a great impact on my art. Before I knew myself, I wrote in my journal about not recognizing myself in my photography, and the frustration that I felt with never being able to pause and appreciate the unexpected gifts that photography brought to me. I felt that my work was someone else’s. In my photography, there is a fascination with magic in the mundane, humor, sharp contrast and bold color, and a continual drive to create something that will compel you to stop and look.

Scrim Sean

Pronouns: he/him

Scrim Sean is a Tucson-based jeweler and 3D artist. As a self taught artist, Scrim Sean makes many of his own tools to craft with his primary medium: bronze and silver. Scrim Sean casts and fabricates everything himself. Scrim Sean’s art takes inspiration from the conditions of ecological collapse and mass extinction we are currently living through. Rooted in the macabre, Scrim Sean’s jewelry and metal works immortalize animals and a future lost through post apocalyptic inspired art.

Sam Sharman

Pronouns: She/Her

Sam Sharman is a musician, NeoDigital artist, mystic, and event producer creating conscious, immersive worlds. In her performances, She blends rap and soulful vocals with her own psychedelic projection art and burlesque. She is currently working on an NFT VisuAlbum called ROSE RIOT, launching Spring Equinox 2024. She is also the co-producer of Enchanted Loft, a sacred, sexy micro-festival in Los Angeles. Her work explores the nexus of empowerment + pleasure + liberation.

Kayla Showers

Pronouns: she/her

Kayla is moved by the transcendent beauty of the world and the pleasures of creating art that inspires curiosity and self-exploration.

Stone Crow

Pronouns: She/Her

Stone Crow is an artist, a weirdo, a photographer, a radical and a very sexy bitch. She explores themes of identity, death, sex, and the cosmos through visual arts. Her self-portraiture practice simultaneously deepens her understanding of her place in the world and satisfies her vanities and proclivity for exhibitionism.


Pronouns: She/Her

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Arizona-based artist Suomo (Sw OH mo) draws much inspiration from her multi-cultural heritage and upbringing in Central, Western, and Southern Africa. Her artistic journey, predominantly marked by an affinity for drawing, underwent a transformative shift in 2021, as she ventured into the realm of painting and developed a deep connection with the expressive medium.

Her work studies themes of loss, mental illness, and colonialization, as well as the reclamation of cultural identity, healing, and spiritual awakening. She is best known for her use of bold, textured palette knife strokes juxtaposed with intricately rendered, evocative figures. This harmonious balance of boldness and delicacy depicted by her work mirrors the dynamic relationship between the cycles of tension and release in life.

Kara Synhorst

Pronouns: She/Her

Kara Synhorst is a Tucson artist who thrives when collaborating with folks to create playful and powerful portraits.

Romy Tait-Hoffman

Pronouns: She/her, they/them

Talking about yourself is so weird… hi! My name is Romy. 33, Australian, living in the US for the last decade in a few different places.
I have a fantastic community here in Tucson who are wildly talented and inspire me on a daily basis.
I like to work with painting mediums, but have also become fascinated by the idea of bringing two dimensional concepts into three dimensional spaces in an interactional way. For this reason, I’ve begun exploring sculpting. As someone who experiences a variety of mental health issues, I strongly believe that creative expression, community and passion are essential to living a happy life. And lots of sex, obviously.

Teek & Maywell

Pronouns: They, Them

Teek & Maywell is the collective name for two Tucson multi-disciplinary artists involved in both two- and three-dimensional works that range from serious portraiture to whimsical sculpture.

Maggie Thrice

Colombian Artist living in Tucson since 2007. Spent time studying through Pima Community College. Participated in Gallery showing as a sculptor and oil painter. After research on drawing and shading I came to the concept I called: Line and Continuity Study were I combine the contour line and the bedbug line in a dynamic use of colors.

Giuliano Amedeo Tosi


Giuliano Amedeo Tosi, born in Bern in 1992, has emerged as a distinctive artistic presence, cultivating his creative identity prominently through the digital realm of Instagram. Operating under the handle @giuliano_tosi, Tosi has harnessed the platform over the past four years as a dynamic conduit for engagement, sharing profound insights into his artistic process and fostering a vibrant community around his work.

Elevating the human form to a central theme, Tosi’s oeuvre frequently navigates the contours of nudity and scenes of intimacy. However, this unapologetic exploration of the human experience has not been without its challenges. The artist has encountered censorship and shadowbanning on Instagram due to the explicit nature of some of his creations.

In the cultural landscape of Switzerland, Tosi’s impact has been palpable. His provocative opus “Frauendrucker” became a subject of intense scrutiny and discussion within the Swiss media in 2021. The subsequent year, his conceptual masterpiece “Schwarze Berge” once again drew the attention and discourse of the Swiss media.

Tosi’s artistic footprint has transcended national boundaries, with his works resonating on an international scale. His pieces have graced exhibitions and publications across diverse locales including the Emirates, Nepal, Italy, and, of course, his native Switzerland.

Max Travers

Pronouns: he/him

Max Travers is a full-time artist and designer living in Tucson. Illustration is Max’s primary medium of art and he loves creating comics, other-worldly characters, and animated GIFs.

He makes his best work while listening to weird ass music. Taking inspiration from various influences in comics, sci-fi, street art and 2D animation, his art embraces a combination of slick lines, poppy colors, crispy textures, and a heavy dose of whimsicality and surrealism.

Jeff Troy

Pronouns: he/him

My art began as a way to understand and explore my fetish, and over time it has helped me to eliminate the shame that always accompanied it.

When I began showing my work publicly five years ago, I thought only people who shared the same kink would connect to it, but I was quickly surprised to discover a much broader audience.

Smoking fetish imagery naturally has an inate focus on female pleasure often missing from images made for the male gaze. I was not surprised to learn one of the first people to popularize the smoking fetish was legendary photographer Suze Randall who regularly highlighted the fetish on her website in the early 2000s.

My current work has been influenced by an exploration into the art nouveau movement, specifically Alphonse Mucha and the erotic drawings of Egon Schiele.


Pronouns: he/him

Taylor Turner is a Tucson-based artist whose drawing practice involves repetitive linemaking with ink pen. He is also interested in sculpting, 35mm photography, poetry, printmaking, and (most recently) embroidery. Taylor graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 with a BFA in Writing. He lives with his two black cats, Chickpea and Merlot.

Nadia Vanilla

Pronouns: they/she

Nadia Vanilla (she/they) is an award-winning Phoenix-based erotic artist. They paint people of all walks of life, doing all sorts of fun things with their bodies. They aim to celebrate the human experience, in all its messy, colorful beauty.

Their artwork and short stories have appeared in several publications and erotic art shows around the world – most notably, Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Erotic Art London, and of course back home at the Exotic show from the Alwun House Foundation. They’re an alumnus of the Bawdy Storytelling Livestream and Bawdy Storytelling Podcast.

They’re curious about what makes their characters tick, what they’re thinking about the situations they are faced with. Their work aims to break down the barriers between taboo and “appropriate,” between public and private.

They uses a variety of media to achieve this – lately, that includes digital painting and drawing, soft pastels, acrylic paints, watercolors, and ink.

Velvet & Shadow

Pronouns: she/they

Velvet & Shadow is an experimental boudoir photography business founded by Bella Laos.  The lighting is dreamy and the sets are custom to elicit ethereal emotions.  Bella loves using vibrant colors and often uses gels to create colorful lighting or make patterns out of to project onto a set.  Bella provides positive affirming direction and encouragement throughout each session which cultivates a truly therapeutic journey of self-discovery & empowerment.  Velvet & Shadow is currently booking customizable Boudoir Sessions where Bella creates a unique photo shoot set based on your visions & ideas.

Damien Vrbanic

I started painting back in 2018 with acrylics and more recently some oil paintings. During this time I was dealing with the multiple hardships of divorce and personal injury that kept me from being able to do my daily duties as a firefighter.

My usual outlets of working out and running were not options in my physical state but I was able to find comfort and solace in the grainy textures of brushes against canvas. This helped ignite a artistic passion, deep within me that combines my abilities and sense of humor, this continues to serve me greatly through the highs and lows in life.

I now find great happiness and joy in the creative process and look forward to supporting local art the way others have supported me…

I appreciate you all taking the time to see my artwork. I feel very happy and blessed to be given this opportunity to share this piece that I hold near and dear to my heart…

Kendrick Wallace

I am a neurodivergent Navy Vet. I have been doing photography for over 10 years. I have a very diverse portfolio of race, size and sexual orientation and every gender

Audrey Waner

Pronouns: she/her

I’m a mixed media artist with a focus on sculptural objects. I enjoy exploring femininity, sexuality, and religion in my work in a way that’s both whimsical and transgressive.

Rob Waters

Pronouns: He, Him

Rob Waters is a Southern California native, now living in Tucson, AZ. He has been drawing since childhood, and painting since art school days. His subject matter is mostly landscape, the human form and still life. Rob paints and draws from life and from his personal photos in studio.
Undergraduate studies at Pt. Loma College (BA Art), San Diego. Studied illustration at the highly regarded Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Participated in drawing groups, such as The Art Student’s League, NYC; the Palette and Chisel, Chicago; the Drawing Studio in Tucson, AZ. Rob has shown and sold his work in Chicago, IL, has done a 2017 solo show and various group shows in Tucson, AZ. Privately collected across the US. Rob Waters is also an award-winning, Graphic Designer in Marketing/Promotions. Previous employers and clients: in Chicago — Draft WorldWide – Kellogg’s account, New Control – Chase Bank account, Boston area — Mullen – HSBC Bank account, Tucson — marketing teams with Ventana Medical Systems (Roche Molecular) and Arizona Public Media.

Wei Wei

Pronouns: she/her

Wei Wei, a Chinese-born artist, discovered her artistic calling in the United States, immersing herself in the vibrant landscapes of Los Angeles and the tranquil charm of New Mexico before settling in Tucson, AZ, where she earned her Fine Arts degree with a focus on illustration.

Her art style draws inspiration from dreams, fantasy, personal experiences, and raw emotions. Wei Wei’s purpose in creating art is to evoke a powerful emotional response within her audience. Whether evoking sadness, sentimentality, amusement, or even horror or anger, she uses her art as an invitation to the viewers to explore their own emotions through her evocative and captivating creations.

Luke Wilder

Pronouns: He/Him

Esthete and wannabe vagabond. Quiet and content, rational but impulsive. Sincere. Overly optimistic while remaining realistic. A dreamer with a day job. A Pisces, born in the year of the horse. Crash landed and now thriving in Tucson.

Lacey Wolf

Pronouns: She/Her

Lacey Wolf is a queer photographic portrait artist based in Tucson, Arizona. Her work explores the topics of gender, femininity, human fragility, and the transience of life. She is influenced by her love of mythology, mysticism, and the majesty and mystery of the natural world. Lacey’s processes range from archival inkjet printing to the antiquated technique of photogravure.

Mia Wolfson

Pronouns: She/Her

I always struggled with expressing myself verbally despite being an emotional person. Discovering my passion for art gave me the freedom to communicate in an alternate way. My art focuses on how my perception of the world and ability to make connections transformed as I learned more about my sexuality as a lesbian.

My name is Mia Wolfson. I am a 27 year old artist and art educator born and raised in Tucson. I enjoy painting on thrifted glass frames with acrylics and water based oils. I feel the meaning of my artwork can shift with each background seen through glass or reflected on a mirror.

Danie Woodward

Pronouns: She her

I am using art to help me get through my anxiety and am having a great time.

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