2024 TEASR Featured Filmmaker Bios

Cinestrib Distribution

location: France

Film Title: Man Up

Alessandro Amaducci

location: Italy

Film Title: Wetware

Born in Torino (Italy) in 1967. He worked with the Archimedes Centre of Visual Arts (a cultural centre of a District in Torino), were he held workshops on video, with the National Film Archives of Resistence (Torino), where he realized documentaries about the Second World War, the Resistance, about workers struggle and other subjects relevant to the activity of the Archive, and with Theater Juvarra in Torino in the realization of multimedia shows and videoperformances. He is also professor of video language and practice in DAMS, University of Torino. He wrote several books about videoart; video technics and aesthetics of electronic arts. Since 1989 he realizes experimental videos, music videos, videoinstallations, multimedia shows, videoscenographies for dance performances and digital photographies.

Ryan Avery

location: San Francisco, CA USA

Film Title: Handsy

Sakura Ardila Ortiz

location: Columbia

Film Title: Train Your Bitch

Werther Germondari

location: Italy

Film Title: Sweet Deception

Werther Germondari is a non-binary visual artist, independent filmmaker and performer living and working in Rome and Amelia. Werther tells funny and surreal stories against a background of testing boundaries. With the help of his*her comedic talent, Werther playfully encourages political reflection.

Werther identifies as a non-binary person. However, he has chosen to use the feminine pronoun for this biography:

Werther graduated in 1988 with a scholarship to the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, where she studied cinematography under the direction of Giuseppe Rotunno. She then graduated from the Institute of Theatrical Directing at the University of Bologna. During her studies, she was already interested in innovative, experimental, neo-conceptual and situational dynamics, characterised by a very strong ironic and surreal style. For many years, she experimented within these art movements using a wide variety of expressive media (from painting to installation, from photography to film, from video to performance). With her projects, she participated in numerous international group and solo exhibitions. As an independent filmmaker, she has often enjoyed collaborating with Maria Laura Spagnoli, her life partner, using her intense pansexual adventures as inspiration for many short films. The films have been screened at many festivals (including Cannes 1994 and Venice 1996) and distributed in European cinemas and on many international television channels.

Francisco Malta

location: Brazil

Film Titles: Wonderful City

Graduated in Advertising and Literature, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Holds an MBA in Business Management from Ibmec. Currently a professor at Ibmec and Universidade Estácio de Sá.

He is a screenwriter for cinema and TV, as well as an author. In cinema, he has works produced and distributed on platforms such as Now, Claro TV, Vivo Play, Looke, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, including the telefilms ‘Uma tia da Pesada,’ ‘De folha em flor,’ ‘Turma digital,’ ‘O mistério da rua Cosme Velho,’ ‘Mãe, sequestraram a Babá,’ ‘Os veganitos,’ ‘Do nosso jeito,’ and ‘O meu, o seu, o nosso Natal.’ In the entertainment field, he has written for the program ‘Na sala da Sarah.’ In literature, he has published the books ‘Da palavra para à imagem: o processo de adaptação literária para o audiovisual,’ ‘Roteiro e Personagens,’ and ‘A loira do Bonfim,’ on the Amazon platform.

As a supervisor of script and direction for award-winning academic projects at the most prestigious festivals worldwide, including MOMA, Festival do Rio, Full Frame Documentary, World Student Impact Film Festival, and more, with a total of 45 awards and nominations. As an executive producer, he worked on ‘Topetão a série’ (2021), ‘Nos trilhos da aventura’ (2022), ‘Do nosso jeito’ (2022), and ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ (2024).

Trina Noel Davis

location: Tucson, AZ

Film Title: Living the Fantasea

Trina Noel Davis, at times an avatar representation of a real-life artist who enjoys creative projects in the virtual world, where the language is binary, simply 0’s & 1’s. Having spent time in and out of virtual worlds, these past years of relative isolation led me back in. Through this period, I have realized the incredible potential for art making within user generated avatar based virtual worlds. The virtual nature of design and creation is something that doesn’t have the boundaries of traditional art, which gives me more ways to explore and experiment which offers a limitless experience. I photograph as well as create short films as part of a genre of filmmaking called Machinima.

Oscar Lopera

location: Venezuela

Film Title: Karada

Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in 1997. Based in Mérida, Venezuela. Oscar is currently a photographer and a film student at the Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales of The University of Los Andes.

Nadine Faraj

location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Film Title: The Peach Activations

Nadine Faraj is an artist well known for painting. The Peach Activations marks her debut as director.

Faraj’s work is suffused with raunchiness, humour, tenderness, and soul, while simultaneously engaged with human rights, LGBTQI activism, feminism, and sex and body positivity. Faraj’s watercolour paintings present portraits or figures in varying degrees of abstraction, drawn from the worlds of pop culture, nudist culture, and erotica. The artist’s fluid style allows her figures to emerge as deeply psychological and emotional beings in compositions that depict a full sense of their humanity. Her art is exhibited regularly in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, and London. Faraj lives and works in Montreal (Tiohtià:ke) and New York City (Mannahatta).

Rita Mezzanotte

location: Italy

Film Title: Tea Time

Rita Mezzanotte is born in 1986 in Northern Italy. She’s a comic artist and illustrator.

Midnight Turnip is a collective born in 2020 , a personal space of erotic narration.

Sara Layla Azouz

location: Washington DC

Film Title: To a Stranger

Florentine Grelier, Francis Gavelle

location: France

Film Title: Green Peas

Florentine Grelier likes to explore the many possibilities of the frame by frame. Since 2010, she has supervised workshops and taught animation while keeping up her experiments. His multi-technical films have been selected and awarded in many festivals. “My Juke-Box”, a personal and touching film, was selected at the Sundance Festival and received the “ André-Martin Prize” in 2019. After “R.E.M” animated on 16mm and “Pixel Joy” on Nintendo DS, she finished her trilogy of direct, square and purple films with “Green Peas”, a short film drawn with pastel.

Diego Tigrotto

location: Italy

Film Title: Projection of Porn

June Hucko

location: Tucson, AZ (local)

Film Title: Orgasm

Danny, Kelsey, and Jeremy

location: Tucson, AZ (local)

Film Title: Sonic Bloom

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