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Citizen After Dark: Opening Night

”How will you savor the moment when next we touch? How will we fix the clock to slow the time and make it a moment to last forever? How will I maintain this heady buzz I’ve acquired from the whiskey on your lips and tongue?” – Patty, Mocha Cravings

Come share a night of eroticism.

Book a night at The Citizen Hotel and continue to enjoy your evening after the event.

Hosted By:

Roux Events

Featured Erotic Show Artists:

  • Ruben Moreno
  • Jenna DuPlessis
  • Sommer Eli
  • Mal Martel
  • David Foley
  • DiAn Dviation
  • Nolan Paterson
  • Kitty Brophy
  • Adam Gilliand
  • Jaq Kainz
  • Wei wei
  • Alyseandra Ruiz
  • Jenny Gomez
  • Dixie Bungard

Featured Spoken Word Artists:

  • Shay
  • Jessica B
  • Myken
  • D-Erotik Poet
  • Mo LaFlo
  • Fiona Fenix
  • DiAn Dviation

Featured Vendor:

Jellywink Boutique

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